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  1. Just bought this, having used CF for sometime quite happily. However, now having problems loading several missions for planning purposes with large number of units (Syria map) using the template mission from Pikey see: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/englis...-bonus-content Any suggestions? Have cut down by half the units in the bonus mission but really not happy having to do this, even then it still fails to load mission in CF, just a big red x where the map should be. Hope this gets fixed soon as most of my current missions use this template mission! EDIT: Viper got back to me with
  2. BUG Still present after todays update! BUG Still present after today's update!
  3. Cheers that was it just needed to push the steer points out as you say for the wingman to join up. Its quite finicky to get them to continue to climb though. They also insisted on diving when entering weapons engagement area/zone, the way around this was to replace ROE = WEAPONS FREE at an early steer point with ROE = DESIGNATED TARGET ONLY at the attack steer point.
  4. So if the SA10 is changed to an SA2 the flights do attack but at about 15 miles and from an altitude of about 4000 feet. So the AI SEAD flight is not flying at the altitudes set in the ME! Which appears to be a bug! Unless of course it is a feature. Considering the AGM88 has a range greater than this and especially at higher altitudes.
  5. Hi Exorcet The test mission was setup as follows: Set Options : ROE = Weapon Free Reaction to Threat = PASSIVE DEFENCE Chaff - Flare = USE WHEN FLYING IN SAM WEZ ECM Using = USE IF DETECTED OR LOCK BY RADAR About 64 Miles from target SA10 WP action set to: Attack Group = SA10 group I have now tried options as you suggested, AI Flight behaviour same and ignores restrict Jettison option as well! Also tried F18 with AGM88s and AGM154s, same behaviour. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  6. If a flight is setup to attack an SA10 SAM site, the flight follows flight path ignoring set flight heights and fails to attack the site. Have tried this with F16c blk 52 and F18 lot 20 to no avail. Test mission and track attached! Thanks in advance In latest OpenBeta patch as of 19/11/19 SEAD AI Test.trk AI SEAD test.miz
  7. 1. Ability to save kneepad files to individual aircraft groups (similiar to saving briefing files) not aircraft type! 2. Ability to change a groups coalition via trigger ie from Neutral to Red etc. 3. More callsigns. 4. Infantry for UK. 5. ATGM Infantry for US etc. 6. Landrover and Rapier vehicles for UK as they should have them as well as Iran! 7. Ability to rotate groups of units altogether, rather than individual units. 8. A radio load COMM 1 and COMM 2 UHF and VHF presets CH1-CH20 section for all aircraft in a formation. 9. Add a "Switch Waypoint" command for ships. 10. Additional
  8. Still bugged in latest release. If you leave weapons as spawned with seems to work as you say!
  9. The UH1-H AI door gunners (mini-guns) no longer seem to work in latest OpenBeta release. Co-Pilot works OK though with mini-guns.
  10. This is what I used to achieve what I needed: do ShipHit = {} function ShipHit:onEvent(event) if (event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_HIT) then env.info("Something has been hit") local wpnType = event.weapon:getTypeName() env.info("weapon used was:" .. wpnType) if wpnType == "KH-31A" then local tgtunit = event.target:getName() env.info("Target hit was:" .. tgtunit) if tgtunit == "Stennis" then local Stenniscounter = trigger.misc.getUserFlag('100') trigger.action.setUserFlag('100', Stenniscounter + 1) end if tgtunit == "Normandy" then local Normandycounter = trigger.misc.
  11. Hi I wonder if someone can help me, as I am trying to detect when a particular missile type hits a ship and add 1 to a counter (flag). I have tried doing this with triggers using the "unit hits" condition, but need to filter this due to CIWS round strikes on the ships from the surrounding supporting ships (being registered) trying to knock down the incoming missiles! Any help or pointers would be appreciated! Cheers
  12. Read this thread! In particular Post #19 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=210033 Cheers
  13. It would be nice to be able to place troops on ships/boats. Examples for the use of this facility would be: a. for pickup by helis eg on LHA/Carriers/Subs by Huey etc b. to place Manpads on ships for unexpected AD cover on cargo ships. Would be nice for terrorist type scenarios.
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