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  1. Were they efficient? According to wikipedia they were good match for the Arabian Mig-19.
  2. ...not only because I am French. Also because it is beautiful and was very capable https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Super_Mystère
  3. Nice maneuver Skysurfer!
  4. I didn't try that sneaking method yet, but I will! Lot of fun indeed. Do you take some AI wingmen with you when you do that?
  5. +1 Training at refueling with my F-16, I realized that there is no collision between the probe and the canopy. Quite unrealistic. I think that should be implemented. However, there is collision between the tail and the probe. That owed my some nice crashes...
  6. Scaring. Looks like in reality SA-10 sites are impossible to destroy... Unless you send Rambo to cut the power cable...
  7. Good to know. I am also somehow stuck with SA-10 in Liberation. Had been thinking to send out a curtain of 16 cheap F4 to deplete that annoying SA-10 so I could quietly storm it. More seriously, about Liberation, it would be interesting to have expensive ammo included in the economic system. I guess those SAMs are quite expensive, maybe more than cheapest planes, hellos or ground units...
  8. Hi all. I am just wondering, do SAM launcher have limited ammunition? For ex. SA-10 launchers have four tubes, so I guess four missiles. Let say a site has four launchers, it should be limited to 16 missiles (enough to decimate my forces...). Is that the case in DCS, or can they shoot endlessly? Thanks
  9. Hi, Another question about Liberation Campaign, So yesterday I took off for a DEAD mission, willing to destroy a small Sa-6 site. Well, I was disappointed to see that the station never turned on its system. No active radar, so no HARM possibilities. I flew around and above at different level many times, and nothing. I finally strafed the radar... Is that a known problem with SAMs? Also, the stupid two F16 of my escort flight efficiently protected me at the beginning, but then flew away after more distant targets until they crashed for no reason. I guess because of fuel... H
  10. Hi all, I started yesterday a Liberation Campaign in Syria. I really enjoy the planning part. I planned most of my packages clicking the 'asap' time over target, and then delaying a bit more some of them. So here is my question: if I plan an AI package with a TOT of let say 0:00:00. Does it mean it will be spanned directly in the target zone at the start of the mission (or on its merry way for a TOT of 0:05:00)?. I know, Liberation propose in that case to automatically fix the TOT, but if I don't want? Asking that because yesterday I had the feeling that all my packages sti
  11. Ok ok this has been discussed many times, but it is good to remind ED ;) Having the possibility in multi to set up waypoints directly from the F10 map before cold start would be a big big plus (a bit like in bms). Having pre-defined fixed waypoints is way too rigid. Playing in VR, it is for me too much inconfortable to get coordinates from the map, write them down on a paper, and then enter new waypoints in the plane during cold start... Thanks
  12. I would be quite pleased with the Gripen. I would prefer the Mirage 2000-5, but that would be a non-sense because of Razbam’s M2000C. A high fidelity Mig 29 would be good too. Sad to think that none of them will come soon...
  13. Salut Flyingwolf. Je n'ai jamais tenté, mais en theorie il suffit d'un simple couper-coller pour déplacer DCS d'un disque à un autre sur un même ordi. Pour passer à un autre ordi, par contre, tu risques de rencontrer des problème de registre. Je te déconseille de bidouiller le registre de ton nouvel ordi, donc je vois trois solutions possibles: 1) Copier ton dossier DCS sur ton nouvel ordi et lancer un Update/Repair (pas sûr que ca fonctionne) 2) Faire une instalaltion neuve de DCS sur ton nouvel ordi, transferer ensuite tes modules depuis ton viel ordi, et lancer un Update/Repair 3) Refa
  14. shomke


    Thanks. Sometimes my brain seams to be out in vacation...
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