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  1. No, problem just glad to see you got one.
  2. TZaku, I have a Cougar grip, I'm willing to sell. Just so you know I bought a broken Complete Cougar stick and throttle off Ebay. The guy selling it sold it as "Untested, for parts only" I wanted it for parts to fix my original Cougar throttle, when it arrived the brackets in the Cougar stick base were broken, but everything worked, the broken brackets is the only thing wrong with it. I have a Warthog and Virpil stick base, I've tested the Cougar grip on both of them, all the buttons work. This thing is just sitting on my shelf because I have the Warthog and a F/A-18 grip, I don't need a t
  3. It depends on the price, I hadn't planned on selling it. I was hoping to connect the throttle to it but use the 2 joystick axis for a rudder input, but make me an offer. You do understand that both joystick axis brackets are broken? The board in the base works, and no I am keeping the pots its just the base with a working PCB. I've stripped everything off, the rubber boot, boot retaining ring, poteniometers spares for the throttle.
  4. What would happen to a TM Cougar base if I wired the 2 joystick axis to the pots in the toe brake assembly of some TM TFRP pedals? Does anyone have any info about Hoffman Simped Pedals, I have the version without toe brakes, it has a split connector with a game port and 1 that plugs directly to the Cougar base. I recently bought a broken, complete TM Cougar it also came with these Hoffman Simped pedals. I have never heard of them before, but people have told me that they are a really good set of pedals. I don't know which model I have, but they are the version without toe bra
  5. The second complete Cougar arrived today. The sticks internal brackets are broken, but the electronics work perfectly. I haven't tested the grip yet, but with the brackets shattered inside the base, it didn't harm the board, I connected the throttle to the base, everything but the thumb stick worked. So far the only other issues I've found are the RNG, ELEV pots center detentes are a little hare to feel. I hoped it wasn't broken, but I feared it was completely trashed. Only one side of the base's internal brackets are broken, it could be replaced. It's a hell of alot better than I h
  6. Yes, BUT there are other people asking about parts, and I need parts for my own throttle. It sold as "Broken, for parts/Untested". If you look at my original post, I'm asking if anyone has any spare parts for my Cougar throttle that they are willing to trade for. According to USPS it will arrive Thursday or Friday, I'm hoping that it is repairable, but I won't know till then. So check back in a few days. The Cougar base and grip will be sold or parted out, I already have a Warthog, and I would be willing to sell the Warthog base, I've got a Virpil WrBrd.
  7. I just wanted to add, yes I need one. I checked Viper Gear to see how much they cost, with the exchange rate and shipping it would around $55-$60, I didn't cost much more than that for this broken Cougar and pedals and I didn't pay for it, it was a gift. So I didn't lie when I said I couldn't afford to buy one, I really appreciate you looking, do you want to sell it or trade for one of the parts I have?
  8. Thanks for that Nopileus , again I never heard of them. Were they good quality pedals? Would they be something worth hanging on to? I had planned to just using them for parts. When they arrive they will be my 3rd set of pedals, so I wasn't planning on keeping them.
  9. Yes, but what part do you need? A guy named ' f4jok ' has already contacted me wanted the thumbstick. I bought a complete, in the box "sold as broken/untested" Cougar on its way. I have no idea what the condition is, I got the impression that the person selling it knew or cared nothing about. Even if I can't repair it, I will have alot more spare parts.
  10. Can you give me more info about them. I googled them, I can't find a website just a few blogs talking about them. I tried the companies name "Hoffman Electronics", if that is the correct company, but I can't find them either.
  11. I might have more parts to sell or trade. I submitted a low offer to a guy on Ebay selling a "Broken, in the box thrustmaster Cougar and some Simpad Pedals. He accepted, someone has already made me an offer so I could get a new pot or replacement sensor for the throttle. I would still be willing to do that, I would love to have a new Hall/magnetic sensor instead of a pot for my throttle. F4jok has first chance for any of the parts, but if anyone else needs something PM me. I think the internal brackets for the joystick are broken, but the paint look good, no signs of wear. If a
  12. Thank you, even if you don't have any of the parts I need thank you for looking.
  13. Thanks again, but I can't afford to buy them right now. Thats why I hoping for a trade.
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