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  1. Hei Developers and friends, A great improvement would be adding the flexing wingtips , which almost don't move in the F/A-18 Hornet in DCS. Another great effect would be the windforces downpressure in flight. This can be seen when pulling higher G's in a turn or climb when looking out over the wings, where you will see a slight downwards sink in combination with the flexing of the wingtip in flight about every few seconds. This will increase the ' real feel ' effect enormously Have a look in this video, where regurarly the camera is looking over the wi
  2. Hi friends, Here are some links to some carrier sound files. It might be of use to someone creating a carrier mission or campaign. https://www.avosound.com/en/sound-effects/search/boat-ship/ship-aircraft-carrier/ https://www.pond5.com/sound-effects/item/102986839-aircraft-carrier-ambience-03 Just wanted to share this with you all RWC.
  3. Alireza.kh & DimSim
  4. RWC

    Flir Lightning Pod

    Hi guys, Found another vid from Wags and solved the problem. This case can be closed Thanks friends Kind regards, RWC
  5. RWC

    Flir Lightning Pod

    Hi Bignewy (Wags is it ?) Thank you for the fast responce ! I will deliver a track file by tomorrow , i been trying/and flying all evening already to figure this out and watching Wags vids. Now time flew and its late in Norway
  6. Hi guys, i don't know if i am the only one still having issues with locking a moving target. In v2.6 the moving target got auto locked, and all i had to do was designate it and get the cross in between the vertical lines. But this is not the case anymore and the target indicator just remains in the point i locked it, and the target just drives on. Is this because the Flir pod has been replaced by the 228, or is this a bug? Why has this been changed in 2.7 when now i got used to locking the moving targets this way ? Most of the video's on how to use it are from versions before 2.
  7. Hi guys, Just a overview of the correct Deck crew colours & Tasking. Hope it will be of use. Kind regards, RWC
  8. Hi guys, Here is a detailed look at the Supercarrier's deck crew and their tasking. Hope this info will be usefull. Kind regards, RWC
  9. Hi Baltic Dragon,


    just wanted to post that i love the Raven One campaign so far. The experiance comes somuch to life being on a aircraft carrier in this campaign. With all of its dynamic features and precise background sounds makes this a very intimate experiance. I have mentioned this aswell in a post in the 'wish list' section to the DCS developers.

    Nomatter the flaws or bugs ..... THIS campaign is off the hook !


    Well done and hope for more to come 💯


    Kind regards,





  10. Hello DCS-Crew, First of all i would like to say i love this sim, and i know it is hard to provide all the requests. Here are a few things i would love to see added : 1- The new weather presets are awsome, but it would be nice if we could have either more rain/snow presets added and/or have the option to add it to the presets ourselfs. 2- Over the years there came out several mods which could add vehicles and carts to the flightdeck in the ME. THIS would be a great addition to the carriers to add instead of just crew. Moving (tow-)vehicles/carts, ect.
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