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  1. Hello, can somebody tell me what each one of those options on the radar page means? I also would like to know when the jamming pod will be release, thanks
  2. Hello, soo I use 2 buttons for zoom(zoon in and out slow) and I also use secondary axis on my controller as a zoom control. But as that potentiometer is kind of damage I have to use a deadzone in it. So when I put a zoom using the buttons, the smalls inconsistences on the axis used to the zoom will reset the zoom difened by the buttons, even if I use 95% of deadzone. Looks like the trigger to reset the zoom is not considering the deadzone used. thanks
  3. is there any way to drop gbu24 on ccip mode?
  4. for some reason didn't manage to make it work, it appears on the options menu but don't actually change the programs
  5. thx dude really appreciated, that really helps. Soo you cant edit the panic mode right? no problem better then nothing
  6. then put the 4 lines indicating the N S E W, they would be really helpful
  7. set the auto start to do the storage alignment thx
  8. hello, soo I play on a server that use combined arms a lot and have some ideas to improve the module 1- The only way to know how many ammo the ground unit still have is getting inside the unit, but some units like the sams you can't soo you never know. Would be good to have that info on f10 map 2- Sometimes when the unit is too close from a airfield it will choose to rearm after every shot, what its very bad on some occasions, soo would be good to have a auto rearm on/off or rearm on 10% of ammo button on f10 map 3- When you put a tank on some strategic position, for example to guard a bridge, its hard to make it stay looking to the bridge, you have to put waypoint till you get it but its never perfect. Would be good to have a option on f10 map that you cant manually set the heading that you want to make that unit stay till it see something. 4- Climbing capabilities when manually driving a unit and when AI drive a unit is different. If you put a waypoint the AI will climb the steepest hill wile driving manually it won't. I know that combined arms its not a priority module but please save this for the future perhaps, Thx
  9. ok so there isn't anyway to increase this time, right? thx
  10. Hello, I notice that the time to loose a bandit tagged as "system target" is very fast, like 5 seconds, what makes hard shoot diferent targets on a different bearing. Is there anyway to set the time that the target will disappear on the radar after you stop send waves on him? The hornet does that but I couldn't find on the viper. thx
  11. pretty big bug, here is another exemple auto tws lock isnt always cetering on target .trk
  12. lol, soo this is the real world? wow
  13. Speaking of radar elevation and scan, it might be something wrong with the size of the bars on the f18, and thats why is soo difficult pick up target at close range: You can see that the 4 bars config on the 18 is narrower in comparison with 4 bars on the f16. Not just that but also the 6 bars on the f18 are narrower then 4 bars on the f16. I cant say for sure that something is wrong but I guess need some investigation at least. 4 bars f18: 40 miles : -9 till 22 4 bars f16 40 miles : -17 till 30 6 bars f18 40 miles: -14 till 27
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