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  1. thanks for your help I know know what the cause if the issue is at least - now to find a way where I get the best of both worlds...
  2. ok well that got rid of the partial issue of the "MISSING TEXTURE" and blocky effect on the USAF skin... but along with the Aviodev skin the rest have disappeared Wait a second. I have the "make all liveries in multiplayer for every nation" mod - that could be why all this was happening and the textures were getting muddled up....
  3. Will let you know how I get on - again back in the office but it sounds like we are getting somewhere
  4. it's only the "description.lua" files within them however
  5. I'll report back in approx 18hours once I finish my nightshift and get some sleep. thanks - this is new info to work on - hopefully the key! I've ran the repair in the past but still no joy - so will get back with the Saved Game files
  6. Nope still have the same issues - I tried the backup folder technique and they all went the crazy green square camo as the files were completely missing - then I "deleted" the module using the manager and reinstalled - still the crazy camo - then took the textures out of the backup folder and I still have the same situation as in post#1 where some are ok, some have the "MISSING TEXTURE" underlayer - and a select few are completely missing. Is it possible that someone is able to upload all the original textures and share them with me to overwrite what I have here or is that against
  7. Just looking to collectively get opinions on BL755 employment from other C-101 pilots. I've had some success flying level at 1300ft AGL @ 300kts and releasing as the target disappears from view + 1 second but it depends on the threat how confident you are flying that low over them taking shots at you. Anyone else got a better technique? BLG-66 isn't one I've used often so any advice on that one too would be great
  8. Default key bind to lower the seat is RCtrl + S (RCtrl to raise the seat) I usually lower the seat a bit until I can see the reticule in the top quarter of the sight, that gives me enough over the nose visibility. Note that this is in manual mode with a depression set about 035 for rockets.
  9. Not sure why I never noticed this reply - apologies for ignoring you. I'm still having this issue now - I'll give the renaming the folder's tip above a try and see what happens.
  10. Jonay

    Syria 2.7

    Windmill or turbine? There are some turbines south of Haifa in the Carmel Mountain National Park area IIRC
  11. And I've fresh installed the module again. When I look in the texture folders, some are displaying with the Photoshop icon, some are showing as a preview - but there's no continuity with those that are showing the glitches and aren't. All files are .dds however.
  12. Hi, I've noticed an issue with my textures, and I don't know if this is new or I just haven't noticed before now. Some skins (default, i don't have any 3rd party skins for this jet) are fine no issues, some have a "missing texture overlay" everywhere on the jet, some have a partial missing texture and the same for the pilots too, their textures are either fine or missing and both the aircraft and pilot textures don't always occur on the same skin, some examples below: This one as you can see is fine This one has no aircraft texture a
  13. Any guides/tips/tables for the Belouga/BL755 ? Are they more suited to level bombing (or very shallow dive)?
  14. TPOD was still able to work as before when it was shot off by AAA fire. The only feature that wouldn't work was the laser function - wouldn't come off SAFE, and rightly so. Took me a while to figure out why I couldn't fire it for my last GBU-12. I could change the MFD page, put the "pod" on STBY and OPER modes and zoom/pan as before.
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