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  1. Ha Ha Good luck getting a win in the Moscow Courts you fool 3dflyer. You would have no idea of what you have to try and prove to take out a "class action" lawsuit as you term it and on that preliminary point alone you would fail miserably. ANd forget about taking this to your Supreme Court in the West that you may think would be sympathetic. READ THE EULA or HAVE SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT TO YOU. Well, pal, I am an attorney and let me tell you, you have a chance of ummm ZERO. There is nothing wrong with ED using known and well advertised copy protections to preserve their intellectual property. Yo
  2. YEs i think 169th vs Virtual Thunderbirds would be a good match. Any takers VT's
  3. Nice job Nice job mate, im sure this will help a lot of people having trouble with skinning. And I ask all other squadrons and players, who has a CO this dedicated who will spend a whole night to help you slackers out there with your skins (just jokes you potential flamers). Good leadership I say, take a leaf all Fungus
  4. Of Course You can download this file as many times as you want. You can give it to as many people as you want. You can burn it 100 times if ya want. Only thing is that you have to activate it online so even if you hand the file around and burn 100 cds theres only three activations per purchase so thats the restriction, not the 280mb itself.
  5. Outside application Furthermore to what my CO said, I think that the code and mathematical innovation shown in programs like lomac have application and interest outside an online gaming environment as im sure there is a lot of interest in other areas for the academic advancements made in a game like this. Like an active squad memeber of the 169th said recently who is also an active trainee in the Australian RAAF program, NO flight sim he has been tested on or seen used by the military looks as good or has the immersiveness of LOMAC bar the cockpit peripherals utilised by the air force.
  6. Why not a small client like Valve's STEAM that requires your username, password and CC number or cd-key or activation key to start. Make it check when you start the game like STEAM. If you lose or get corrupt download you can download it multiple times but only when logged into your account and if you give out your account details to someone you get banned and you can't play just like STEAM. Why not, Valve have done it and it seems to have worked pretty successfully for them bar the small minority which there always is anyway who got banned etc. Food for thought
  7. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff This ladder is going to be really good. Big Thanks to CO Ice for the extensive beta testing so far. The ladder will be virtually bugless when fully operational as it already is now very smooth in public beta stage. Big challenge to all squadrons not just the 169th, REGISTER NOW!! http://www.ozhotspot.com.au/ladder_dw/ and prove your the GUNZO CHAMPION of lomac Fungus
  8. np mate. Take your time get the bugs out man s!
  9. why r these russian fellas sayin they have downloaded it and are waiting for a key? Pullin our legs. YA i say so
  10. or is it out for the russian market now dmut?
  11. the game is not out yet. These guys are just tryin to get your hopes up. Nice!
  12. That is excellent. You have made many people very happy. Lock on is the best!!! :D :D :D :lol: 8)
  13. Thanks Dmut,sry it looked so funny I suppose it got your attention lol. Automatic translation through babelfish is terrible isn't it lol. Hopefully the theme runs strong throughout my post. There is a HUGE following of this game in the west and we are appreciative of all your efforts in bringing the remarkable looking addon to us as well. I would personally on behalf of my squadron like to invite you all to play with our squadron on hyperlobby as our Commmanding Officer runs a Dedicated lomac server which is present most hours of the day in hyperlobby. The missions that are run have
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