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  1. This is very welcome news. It's interesting, as a thread I created a while back, ended up discussing this very issue in depth, when I noticed an AI F-16 reacting to an IRST lock. And now we have a fix. Excellent news. Thanks for sharing this Katmandu.
  2. There are no screens being exported in the default F15c profile. By 'screens' I mean TEWS, Radar and the Weapons loadout screen. No they do not match anything else. I have not changed anything that would have edited export IDs that I know of. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I am new to Ikarus and I am enjoying it. Thank you for making it. I currently use it with F-15c. I would like to report an issue I have found. - On the exported HSI inside Ikarus, the "MILES" and COURSE" numbers do not match the numbers on the HSI inside the actual F-15 cockpit. This makes no sense as it makes the exported HSI useless. Is this a known bug? I also have a question - will Ikarus ever be able to display the TEWS and other screens inside the cockpit? Thank you.
  4. Cool. No I was talking about the vertical scale that runs parallel to the speed scale on the left of the HUD. I didnt even think to look for a steam gauge to be honest! It gives a scale version of the digital AoA display. These two should be the same, and they are the same in my HUD when I land, but in the video you linked, they aren't. So I'm wondering maybe if something was changed from an earlier version of DCS. I'm aware that the AoA units in the HUD arent actual degrees but have a relationship with them as you said. Yeah OK fair enough. I just find it soo slow and a lot more difficult keeping the AoE all the way from the start of the glideslope to the runway threshhold. I prefer to just stay on the glideslope and watch my speed, and only think about AoA when its time to flare. This is true. It doesn't take much to render a track quite useless! So its acceptable to go above the 22 during the flare then? I can't see any other way around it to be honest so I hope so lol. I find I can only really fly at one speed when at 20-22, and remaining on the glideslope. If I fly faster then I begin to gain altitude. This is why I dont like it, its so restrictive. I prefer to just ignore it until time to flare. I was referring to the video that Iron shared. If you look at the HUD in that, you will see the AoA HUD scale is showing about half of the digital number AoA readout. My aircraft is the same as yours, all matching in values, so Im thinking something changed along the ways somewhere, or maybe a bug that was fixed etc.
  5. One more thing quickly, the manual states "Approaching the final approach fix, slow to 200-250 knots and extend landing gear and flaps." So it tells you to down flaps and landing gear even before the final approach fix, which is before the start of the glide slope, is this accurate? It seems very early indeed.
  6. Thanks for the video. It highlights the exact issue I was questioning. The manual states not to exceed 22 units AoA but in the video he reaches 24 during the flare! And if you are coming down at 22 units AoA, why do you even need to flare, if your nose is already pitched up (from being at 22 AoA). I could understand a flare, if you were coming down level (no pitch) or even pitch down, but not coming down already pitched up. The manual then says to finish the flare approx 1m above the runway, Id love to know exactly what it means by 'finish'. In fact, much of what the manual says on this doesnt make much sense, to me anyway. Unless by 'finish' it means to level the plane out, but then how would your back wheels touch the ground first.. I actually found some threads that you had posted in, and I downloaded a track you had posted landing the F-15, however it didnt make a lot of sense to me as you landed beside the runway, not on it, then I think you crashed. So it must have been an earlier version of DCS you recorded it on and the replay wasnt accurate (has happened to me a few times even with replays ive just recorded). There was another replay (track) in the same thread, and in that one, the guy didnt even take off! So definitely bugged tracks there. Also, why does the AoA scale on the left read about 11-12, but the digital readout says 22? Ive noticed that in different videos and just chalked it up to an earlier version of the F-15 build with a bug. Just makes everything that bit more confusing / harder to grasp.
  7. That is seriously useful information man, thanks for sharing! While you're here do you mind if I ask you a quick question? Im now trying to get my head around 'flaring'. I know that flaring is basically pitching the nose of the aircraft up just before touch down, to make a nice soft landing on the back wheels. I can do this no problem. But my question is, with the F15c, I understand that approach should be made at about 22 units AoA, however if the bird is coming down at this AoA, how then can I flare? Wouldnt flaring put my AoA even higher and risk tail strike? I could follow 22 all the way down and touch down with my back wheels as 22 already has the nose in the air, I don't understand flaring here. Thanks.
  8. Just a bit odd the chart has it wrong. If its not correct, then its wrong IMO, 'close enough' doesnt really cut it for me :smilewink: which made me question the validity of the entire chart. Airports in real life operate a 'close enough' policy? That seems odd. I would have thought that type of thing would be extremely important. Ok thanks. Yeah that's what I was asking - so the runways with the symbol that I have arrows pointing to, means the runway has ILS? As you can probably see the runway in the screenshot has the symbol, and that's the same runway I landed at in my track. Ok great thanks. Il aim to be at 2000ft for the start of the glideslope, however are you aware of any lists that exist containing the exact pattern altitudes for the different runways? I have been searching everywhere but the closest I have found is the kneeboards and they give me a ton of information except what I actually want. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for reply. Oh no, really? I was sure it did. If you are going by the list in the link you gave, I think that list needs updated as things have probably changed since 2014. It has Mozdok's runway numbers wrong for example (or one of them at least). I found it before and when I noticed the incorrect number it put me off using it. I also think some airports that didn't have ILS now do, like Krasnodar-Center (Krasnodar). Could be wrong of course, still learning. In the track I was in ILSN mode and I tripped both outer and inner markers, as well as having the landing steering cross, so wouldnt that mean the runway had ILS? Just to be sure I re-ran the mission on Mineralnye Vody which definitely has ILS, and it was just the same - no additional markers of any kind - HOWEVER the horizontal line on my ADI, DID function as expected, so that's progress! Now were on the subject, something I was wondering for a while, is the white fan type object in the below map screenshot, a representation of a runway glide slope / ILS? I notice that some runways have this object on both runway approaches, and others just have it on one, and some don't have it at all. Would you mind telling me what "on-speed" means? Ive read that word a few times now but have been unable to get a satisfactory definition. Also if you have the time, could you tell me what pattern altitude means? I think it means the altitude of the beginning of the glideslope, but I'm not sure. If this is the case, are all pattern altitudes for the runways the same? Or are there a list of them somewhere? Sorry for all the questions! Thanks!!
  10. Hi all, I have recently began learning the F-15c and I am currently focusing on ILS landings. I seem to be able to land quite successfully, however it appears the horizontal line on the ADI in my aircraft is stuck. I have attached a track (F-15c Landing.zip) showing my latest landing, and you can see that even when I have the "+" inside the Velocity Vector, the horizontal line on my ADI never levels out, it always remains stuck at the bottom. Is this a bug? Surely it should line up with my wings in the centre? I have tried pitching up and down dramatically, but the horizontal line never budges! Thanks all. PS - Any critique on my landing is also welcome. I am currently going by what the manual says as closely as I can, but this is only approx my 10th or so landing. F-15c Landing.zip
  11. Indeed! Thanks for all your help testing. Thanks to everyone who shared in the discussion. Im going to hop over to the F-15c now for a while to see how I get on there. I'm looking forward to see how it compares to the Su-27!
  12. Hey thanks for comment. What you describe is starting with radar on, and the aircraft turning on EOS to assist with lock, but this is different. And regarding the other way round, as far as I know the aircraft will only enable the radar by itself, if I have the radar turned off, and then launch a radar guided missile. However I went ahead and conducted a test regarding the radar, in that I flew behind the bandit and enabled radar, to see if this would cause the bandit to notice me or take evasive action. They did not take any action when I turned radar on. However once I locked on, they did take action. This appears to rule out the radar having any effect in this situation. I have added "F-16 Evade-new-2.zip" track that shows this. Also I think if radar was being turned on automatically, it would show the radar on light on the cockpit dashboard. In my opinion I think turning radar on, SHOULD cause the AI to take immediate action as this would begin to 'paint' them. It's strange that they do not, but yet they do take action when I lock them in a way they shouldn't be able to detect. Thanks. I think my initial point did fall into at least one of those categories regarding the F16 bandit avoiding six of my ERs. I'm also aware AI issues have been talked about many times before but I have not read a post regarding this specific issue that I am now describing (taking evasive action from a lock only), so I think maybe its OK to discuss it, and to still hope for better AI in the future. But I do take your points thanks. I found a guide on this forum written by a user, regarding flying the flanker, and the guy said the exact opposite to you, claiming the ERs were trash and to only use the ETs lol. I guess everyones opinion is different. Also Im not sure if he was referring to AI or to real players. You can see guide I am referring to below, if you are interested. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=150315&highlight=r-27er I went ahead and did what you suggested man, but still the same outcome. Please see "F-16 Evade-new-1.zip" Thanks. F-16 Evade-new-1.zip F-16 Evade-new-2.zip
  13. Thanks guys. I do have TacView already Frostie, I watch it after every single match. It's a really great bit of software. In fact, it's the reason why I hate AMRAAMS so much as I can see clearly how ridiculously well they track lol (and how easily fooled the 27ERs are by Chaff...)
  14. I have already added a track showing the issue. Please see additional tracks below. All three tracks are with radar OFF. 2XF16's without lock on and coming up right beside them: F-16S Evade-1.zip 2xF16's with EOS lock on and 1000m below: F-16S Evade-2.zip 1xF16 with EOS lock on and 1000m below: F-16S Evade-3.zip The first track is to show that I can literally fly right behind them (so they could easily eyeball me - realistic situation) but yet they do not take evasive action. It's only once I actually pass them they take action. So I feel this rules out them being able to 'see' me when Im behind them. The second track is to show that coming in underneath them with radar off and simply locking on via EOS causes them to take the evasive action I have mentioned previously. This is an unrealistic situation as they have no way to detect this lock in their cockpit. I do not accept the argument of the wingman possibly spotted me, as the first track shows they do not react to visual spotting until I am level with them / passing them. The third track is the same as the second, only there is now only 1 F-16 to rule out the wingman spotting me (even though I feel this is definitely not the case anyway). Again, he flies normally until the EOS lock, and then takes evasive action Great, thanks. Thanks for posting these. I downloaded your tracks and I "took control" and just like you, I was able to lock them up and no evasive action straight away, however I didn't fire the ET and just kept flying closer to the bandits and they did take evasive action! As we can see from my first track here that I was able to get close to them without this happening, with the only difference being the lock on, in your track.. Please see "F-16S Evade-4.zip". It's just the one you uploaded which I took control of. Thanks. F-16S Evade-1.zip F-16S Evade-2.zip F-16S Evade-3.zip F-16S Evade-4.zip
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