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  1. Hi Flappie, Here's a dot miz file containing a brief ATIS script and the audio files. ATIS is tuned for 249.950 at Tabqa, jump in the hornet and listen to PRI. The ATIS audio takes a few seconds to stream in as it is set on a TIME MORE condition (2 seconds). Change the time to outside of 00:00:00 to 02:59:59 and ATIS works, inside that time windows the ATIS script errors - missing weather string or something per Apples report. Cheers Thrud syria_env,mission.weather_error.miz
  2. Noticed the textures on the pylons compared to the rest of the new a-10c warthog 2 model are lower resolution and probably the pylon models are much lower poly count as well. Text is illegible on the pylons compared to the body of the aircraft. Perhaps wrong versions linked in game or pylons not updated yet ?
  3. Unusual geometry out of place with surround terrain, on south side of Ramat David AB picture attached
  4. pasted from Discord: need 1. to be able clean up and remove from the game and memory dead / destroy unts.. example... I have dynamically respawning training range, but it fills up with dead carcasses quickly, need core ME feature that I can scipt to that removes dead units from the map.......... 2 to be able to pick up troops from the ground, via transport unit (ship , helo, apc , truck , plane ) unload them at another zone, then give them orders such as move to frontlines, patrol in zone etc [10:38] Thrud: 3. the editor needs alot of the static structures to move over into bei
  5. Here is my research and images on the problem... I agree. the FLIR rendering is either way to bright for white or black hot depending on the mode. It is overly bright, unuseable at night and not getting better. It has existed for several patches now sadly. I hope it does not have to wait for the new flir rendering systems. There is no real world correlation with FLIR as it is in DCS currently.. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4389772#post4389772
  6. Did a test in latest OB / Repaired / Shaders deleted / Latest NVIDIA driver with regards to readability of in cockpit displays in aircraft with map displays and optical / IR viewing systems. To demonstrate the difference in the in cockpit display and the exported view of the same display. First image is DCS using both my monitors as one screen (no export ) using windows extended display. The top half of the A-10C MFCD is my 40inch phillips 4k screen and the bottom half is my dell 22inch touch (just image a line the horizontally through the a10c MFCD screen - just cant see it) there is a l
  7. Gamma was already 1.5, Setting level to 8 and gain to 1 did improve BHOT on the hog, but hornet you can't change settings ??? AFAIK ? THough on the hog those settings wrecked WHOT. Since I have no instructions (or foundational knowledge ) on FLIR settings wondering what the official word is ? Cheers all
  8. Something change from 2.5.5, I never use to touch any settings and it worked... so if this a now a feature then ED should provide some docs or a tutorial on the new flir ?
  9. Tried, those setting only change the grade of brightness not the glaring contrast effect which makes viewing hard. Def a change from 2.5.5. What I didnot supply / show was the export to my second monitor for helios and those screens dont have the glow / glare effect, but still have the new contrast issue from 2.5.5 to 2.5.6
  10. Since 2.5.6 Especially BHOT modes of the Litening for the hornet and warthog are excessively bright and washed out... the contrast is as bad in WHOT but less of the screen is blindingly white. 1080ti, phillips 4k 40 inch monitor, 32 gigs ram. m2 sata i7 7700 4.5ghz. images attached Is this a new feature or is this a result of 2.5.6 lighting changes ? any fixes or workarounds or wait for a fix. IS it reported. Do you need more info.? Thanks
  11. I did simulate a pseudo blue GCI for a korean map by putting it a long way from the action and only at about 5000ft ASL so it cant in theory see over mountains nor far over the horizons.. .seems promising though I have not used it much in t his manner
  12. Requesting / supporting any notion for the following: 1. Polygon zones / rectangular / square / elliptical zone drawing tools 2. Report on / act on contacts detected that only exist in a zone or out of a zone 3. AWACS detection tied to zone 4. Pre-bake zone names for detection i.e "Kill Box 1A" (lame transformers reference), "Downtown" and the like or what ever any real AWACS / GCI folk can suggest for a name list of detection boxes. 5. GCI / ground based radar for Blue side that can be era specific (ww2, korea, vietnam, modern) - probably add era's for red side as well
  13. I have purchased the super carrier module for myself, but I support the notion that it should be able to be mission editor placeable and setup for use in either general multiplayer missions or single players mission for legitimate owners of the module. Currently Mission creators can place aircraft modules that they do not own to create more inclusive missions, same should go for the new carrier module. I do not endorse the super carrier module should be free to play only free to place (in M.E.)
  14. just use laser and cat switch. roll already in there. pitch ... i cant get to work. restore your back up default.lua or do repair or wait for them to be included... bit of trial and error here on my part. sorry if i killed your controls.
  15. made them myself ! -- ** NEW-Thrud!! { down = sms_commands.LaserSw, up = sms_commands.LaserSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.SMS, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('LASER - ARM else OFF'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Left Auxiliary Console')}}, category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Left Auxiliary Console')}}, { down = control_commands.StoresConfig_ITER, up = control_commands.StoresConfig_ITER, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down = 0.0, value_up = 1.0, name = _('STORES CONFIG - CAT I else CAT 3'), category
  16. MISC autopilot panel Pitch alt hold else off / att hold else off (3pos) Roll: HDG sel else off // strg sel else off (3pos)
  17. as long as my WH boat switch comes out with ON-OFF-ON setup for the boat switch on the throttle to replicate the dogfight switch on release... happy camper here !
  18. Problem solved so far. Found melted molex connectors on psu end for the graphics card power leads... likely sudden power drop psu fault. replaced psu today. no more 3d / dx11 issues.. machine running well. so far, My issue is almost certainly not DCS related now. will update if anything new. Cheers,
  19. doing an uninstall with DDU to clean out drivers.. will try that with old and new cards...sigh... just want to play dcs !
  20. replaced the video card as was getting crashes in other games... got a crash log from DCS though... have not deleted old shaders from old vid card yet though dcs.log-20190904-111113.zip
  21. Hi All, Have been playing DCS OB last patch just fine with second latest nvidia drivers.. playing on either host machine or on my dedicated server machine (seperate pc). for months now without problems. Just in the last two hours I am experience a blank screen crash and pc needs hard reset. looks like it does not compile the crash log either. to try and fix I have repaired dcs ob, updated the nvidia drivers and deleted the shader folders and tried running again. all to no avail... it gets either close to or to the aircraft selection screen and dies. windows 10/ autoupdates. I7 7
  22. Webui still does not work either remotely or locally via index.html. permissions through router and firewall and anti virus are all checked. no idea... have tried ports 10309 for my server and default for my gaming machine. no joy... ED do you need logs for this one or is it in the bag ?
  23. webgui Since last patch. Webgui constantly under maintenance msg .. DCS displays wrong port for server (use to work) server comes up in game server list sometimes with a port sometime without... sometimes both I cannot connect remotely like I use to, and nothing display locally from index.html.. I use to host on port 10309, reverted back to default 10308 and changed forwarding in router.. still no joy. any advice eagle ? cheers was working just fine
  24. @cobra847 Where does the LANTIRN fit into this release scheme, was it a feature, I can't recall... ..cant wait !
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