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  1. I have a question, when I install a user created Campaign, where exactly is it supposed to go? If I put in the /user/%^*&/saved games etc.. it only shows' up as individual missions, in the generic created missions folder. they are not together as a campaign associated with the appropriate aircraft like the official ones. I even attempted to put them in the "Core mod/campaigns " directory with the main game file. not exactly sure if its a problem with the campaigns them selves or where I'm putting them.
  2. The Server I was on made going off the colors to determine if I was connected impossible, they were all white as if I was on every frequency at the same time. To be honestly I never had Mic switch mapped or used. Most of the missions or campaigns I flew must have had easy coms active. That probably was the issue. I will try that this afternoon Thanks.
  3. Here is my question, In two different online servers, I was completely unable to contact the tankers. each had the tanker in the 250.00 AM radio range. I tune my UHF the the respective freq, and cannot reach the tankers. now I have SRS installed, could that be interfering? can I not use the UHF for AM?
  4. Thanks Mark. right not Im running the Ryzen 7 2700. but only 16gb of ram. I suppose I need to upgrade.
  5. Are there plans to update the Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign or even the Tactical Training Qualification Campaign and Basic Flight Training Campaign for the A-10C2? Or is there a way to update them with the mission editor?
  6. anyone using the RTX3070 or 3080? I'm looking to go from 1080p to 4k. right now i have just a 40" 1080 tv, but i want to upgrade. I was wondering if anyone has ran DCS in 4k on any of the new Nvidia cards. I've seen tons of videos on benchmarks but I'm not sure how any of the typical bench mark games compare to DCS. I was thinking i could stick with the 3070 and still be relatively future proof on DCS (it's really all I play) or if I should just cough up the extra hundred or more bucks for the 3080. Currently I'm running a 1550 ti, I know any of the new cards would be leaps ahead of where I'm
  7. I suppose I should go back and read through the manual again. its been some time....
  8. I dont know if i am doing things out of sequence, or if there is a bug, But i cannot get my formation and anticollision lights to come on during start up. If i cheat and do auto start they come on, but not when i start manually.
  9. I am having an issue during AAR, I don't know if it's a bug or if its normal. If i disconnect, I cannot reconnect unless I close and reopen the refuel fill door. This has been the first time after lots of practice I've been able to successfully perform AAR and it is annoying to need to look down and open and close the door. If i do not, the probe flat out will not reconnect. otherwise i can hook up rather quickly. And is there a key-bind for that lever? i cant seem to locate it in the key-bind list.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way to add the A-10C II to the Georgian Hammer campaign?
  11. I was just about to post something to this effect. I have been thinking my keyboard was crapping out on me! Its near impossible to enter JTAC coords with no auto pilot!
  12. Thanks for the input. Haven't had a chance to put any thin into practice yet. I'll let you know what i find works. Thanks!
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