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  1. That's what I don't understand either. I can't even choose a INSTANT ACTION, Cold start or free Flight with the Gazelle on the following Map. Syria, Persian Gulf, Normandy and The Channel. I can't even do a free Flight and Cold start in Syria and the Persian Gulf Map with the AV8B. It should be standard that under INSTANT ACTION all Planes and Helicopters on all Maps allow a free Flight and Cold start.
  2. Don't forget, there will never be such Packaging / Box again. @ Sinclair_76 Atari ST Wow was that 1986? I still have the bill from the Simulator. e.g. Jane's Longbow II bought in Media Markt in 1997 for 85,00 DM German Marks.
  3. Yes what were great times in the 90s. But now let's look ahead and see what ED is doing with the new Apache Longbow Module. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. On the Combat Helo website, which no longer exists, the status development step was commented on by a " Richard " I just wrote on YT at ED that it would definitely make sense to work together on an Apache simulator. So ED wouldn't have to start from scratch. It was already clear to everyone that Combat Helo was nothing more. Some comments at Combat Helo had advised Richard to pass the project on to ED in order to revive it as a new module.
  5. The Apache Helicopter has fascinated me for a long time. In 1985 I started with Gunship on the Commodore C-64, and continued with the Amiga and Gunship from Microprose. 1994 was my first year with the PC 486 66Mhz 4MB. 1995 I worked in a Computer Shop and there I assembled Computers. With Jane´s Longbow & Longbow II, Apache Teams ... I bought everything an Apache was available as a Helicopter. I stayed with Jane's Longbow II for a long time and hoped that there would be a Tree patch. Then I was curious about Compat Helo (2011) Unfortunately nothing came of it. On YouTube I wrote comments t
  6. During this time, Open Beta has 8 updates from October 2020 until now. I think it's too long and the update is getting huge and the download is taking too long
  7. Ich hatte ein ASUS Z170 Board mit einem Intel i5 6600K , Ich hatte die CPU auf i7700K gewechselt und musste auch ein Bios Update machen. Da hatte ich das selbe Problem erste mal Booten und im Bios CPU geprüft und es schien alle OK zu sein. Save and Exit und der Rechner bootet nicht mehr , kein Piepsen und kein Bild. Intel i5 rein geht wieder, Wechsel zum i7 ging nur einmal ins Bios und wieder kein Bild. Neues Asus Z270 für 75.- Euro gekauft und alles war OK. Hört sich bei dir ähnlich an.
  8. und wenn du die 1080ti wieder einbaust ist das Bild wieder da ?
  9. Hat das Broad ein HDMI oder anderen Monitor Anschluss ? Baue die 3080 aus und versuche es den Onboard Monitor . Wenn es nichts bringt dann entferne die C2023 Batterie vom Board. PC Aus und 230V Kabel entfernen. , warte etwas 1-5 min und steck die Batterie wieder ein.
  10. I'm totally flashed and I'm finally looking forward to flying an Apache again soon for over 20 years Jane's Longbow II.
  11. Hallo in die Runde, Ich habe massive Performance Probleme mit der Aktuellen Stabel Version wenn ich z.b. die Ka-50 in der Sofortstart - > Normandie , die Mission Close Air Support spiele. Gleich am Anfang starte ich mit ca. 20 Fps und es geht kontinuierliche runter auf unfassbare 5 fps ! Also unspielbar. Mich würde interessieren wie es bei euch aussieht. Normal habe ich 35-40 fps z.b. Nevada , oder Persischer Golf. System i7 7700k RTX2070 32GB Spiele nur in VR Rift S.
  12. is this a Joke ? Or is it a construction site? I don't feel comfortable when I have to see this. Everything looks somehow worse, even on a 32" Monitor. ???? :(
  13. I have never done this before to delete this FXO and metashader2 data. Now the performance is much better and the Landscape looks clearer.
  14. I have the problem too. It jerks so much in VR that I see black walls when I move my head quickly. System i7 7700k , 32GB RAM , RTX 2070 , Rift S
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