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  1. Did you try the solution from the posters above about setting the overall resolution on the main video settings page to match? You'll probably still have to edit LUA file manually to force what you want to be where on each monitor. A little extra pixel math will be required since all monitors aren't identical size / resolution, but I found it helps to sketch all 3 monitors on a sheet of paper and label the x,y coordinates of the 4 corners on each. I can do that for you, but it would be more helpful if you tried it first yourself to start getting a feel how the pixel math works. For starter
  2. Well son of a gun. You just figured it out and didn't realize you did!!! Unticked that one more option, and kaboom. Control functionality jumped over to the sim settings. THANK YOU! I was just short of uninstalling and re-installing the whole blooming thing and probably would've ticked that same Avionics box again. Wasn't 100% sure what it did other than label surrounding aircraft, but evidently also completely screws up the controls. LOL I had already manually re-programmed all my buttons back and that one check box fixed it. For what it's worth, I *tried* going to GAME control settings an
  3. I don't see anywhere in Mission Briefing that it specifies, but you may be onto something. I have Caucasus and Persian Gulf modules, and have been grabbing either Dark Start or Start On Ramp simply to test controls and buttons. *IF* those missions do force the Game settings regardless of checkbox, do they have their own LUA files that I can force to use Sim setup instead? I never really played the game super heavy, but I'm planning to start going through some of the tutorials now that I'm getting deeper into it with the second monitor & rudder pedals! :)
  4. joystick.zip dcs.log WRF-FA18C-Thrustmaster.diff.lua See if those work. Is there a toggle I'm missing to tell software to use "F/A-18C Sim" configuration dropdown instead of "F/A-18C Game"? I'm pretty sure those 2 groups are somehow conflicting. Only related setting I can find is "Game Flight Mode" in the Gameplay settings menu, and it's UNchecked. Just for grins, I'm also uploading a copy of LUA backup made before adding rudder pedals and updating to latest software revs. FYI, the file is dated March 2020 so it hasn't been THAT long ago. Thanks!
  5. EDIT: I just figured at least part of it out. I have every setting I can think of set to "Simulation", including the dropdown on the Adjust Controls menu. However, some of the controls are still responding to the "Game" dropdown settings. Is that a glitch? "Game", for example, doesn't have wheel brakes nor dual throttle on the axis page. I would think these 2 dropdowns are supposed to be a one-or-the-other. Basically, if I have Sim in the dropdown, why would I have to worry about whatever is in the Game menu? Probably missing something obvious where I'll feel dumb . . .
  6. I've browsed boards but haven't found my exact issue discussed. Been away for a while, but got second monitor and also a new rudder set to go with existing HOTAS Warthog. Renewed interest! Took some doing in other threads, but I finally got second monitor setup exactly like I wanted without much effort. It amazes me how programmers had the foresight to allow so much (relatively easy) customization via user editable LUA files. Doesn't take high level IT specialist to do all kinds of cool things. Anyway, then I went to actually fly my trusty F18 and problems started. I don't know if it was th
  7. That got it. Now if I could just figure out kneeboard code IF it's possible. I really wanted external aircraft camera view included on my second screen, but poster in another thread has me convinced that particular option isn't possible. :( Not sure about kneeboard, but at least I have the 3 primary MFCD's now. Thank you!!!!! ~Vol
  8. I have my (2) MFCD's set up on new second monitor, thanks to this thread and PeterP's tutorial document. Can someone tell me proper code name to add AMPCD to display? I tried replacing "RIGHT_MFCD" with "AMPCD" in lua file, but it didn't work. Hope that question makes sense . . . Thanks!
  9. F-Key Views is a much better way to describe it (thanks). Kinda bummed as I really do like seeing the aircraft itself, but have to stay with the in cockpit view, other than quick toggles, while playing. I guess that's what the replays are for. :) What about kneeboard? This is my first attempt at doing this & PeterP's tutorial was extremely helpful. I fully understand pixel counts and how to define x/y's so everything appears where I want it, but I really wish there was some sort of consolidated list showing EVERY various item that can be put on second screen. Maybe that info can be glea
  10. Pretty quickly learning LUA file structure & editing via this forum (thank you)! My question deals with external aircraft view camera. Is there applicable code for monitor LUA file so external camera could be shown in a view window on second monitor along with LEFT_MFCD and RIGHT_MFCD? ~Vol
  11. Haven't seen this one covered before. Just got second monitor hooked up today, and of course DCS is one of first things I launched. Poked around in settings just to try one of the built-in configs at random to see what happened. Picked "Camera+LMFCD(on right side)" for grins and almost got in trouble. It split only 1 monitor's view in half, chopping both displayed screens in half while *nothing* appeared on second monitor. Biggest problem was I could no longer see the "apply" button which gave me no way to change it back! Thankfully browsed forums and manually edited proper text files to
  12. MODS: Please feel free to move thread. I accidentally posted in wrong forum. Sorry about that.
  13. Yeah. That saved games folder is where I had my custom Warthog F18 layout lua file. File is still there, but controls profile doesn't change when I try to import. And I lost all of my graphics customizations. It was really weird. I guess I'll just chalk it up to being unlucky user with one of those random errors somewhere. Like I said, just venting. :( ~Vol
  14. DAGNABBIT!! Latest major rev completely reset all my customized sim settings that I hadn't gone screen by screen making records (didn't think I'd have to?). I *did* backup my Warthog controls lua file, but nothing happens when I try to import it. Weird? Thankfully I did have a cheat sheet printout to help remind myself what I had bound to what on all those buttons, but now I have to go back and manually recreate them all over again. Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't do anything special other than let the software update itself on launch.
  15. Looks like nice utility app. Will definitely give that a try when I get home tonight. And I think I'm using Oculus Home. I'm assuming that's the namebrand Oculus app that auto-launches whenever I plug in headset via wired / Oculus Link connection. Thanks!
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