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  1. Hi Temp89, Try launching it from a higher altitude with faster speed, sometimes the SLAM behave weirdly and wastes all its energy. We have reported this issue to ED. Please let us know if it works out for you.
  2. Hey guys, sorry about the late update. Here are our post regarding this issue. Please check it out! Sorry about the inconvinience.
  3. Hi Shiroka, Thanks for playing! Unfortunately it is a downside of the pre-recorded controls for now. The recorder's setting gets transferred to the user. We are working on a possible solution. Sorry about the inconvinience!
  4. Hi dresoccer4, Can you define 'study' please? For F/A-18C related knowledge, please refer to Chuck's Guides' pages https://www.rising-squall.com/chuck-s-guide-pages For the campaign itself, you just play it. No need to study anything unless you are unfamiliar with some of the aircrafts' capabilities. Best, FrankMT
  5. When you get killed, DON'T DO ANYTHING, just wait for 20 seconds and checkpoint will autoload. If you quit the mission manually in anyway, checkpoint fails and you have to start from the beginning. Check if this works, thanks a lot!
  6. If you get back to the menu and clicked 'fly again', the checkpoint stops working. If you went back to the menu, make sure you end the mission and re-enter from the campaign page.
  7. Do not quit the mission and "replay", this way checkpoint loading feature fails. When you start the mission from campaign, and 'die', don't quit and hit replay, wait for the checkpoint to autoload.
  8. Clarification, it was filmed by Diana. NF2 misunderstood your joke haha. But I believe mkv format is indeed the better choice :D.
  9. Not so soon, but I'm sure we have something 'related' coming up in the 2.7 campaign trailer.
  10. Glad to hear! Thank you for playing and enjoying the campaign. As for CP for M08, We will consider it in the future. Our sincere hope is for ED to implement an in-game saving/loading feature :D.
  11. I'm sure we won't be short of arts of "Bones" in the coming days!
  12. Hi Manus, We are very sorry to hear about this, if possible, please attach a trk or Tacview file so we can look further into the issue that you are running into. We have taken notes on your feedback and will make sure to give it more room in the DCS 2.7 patch. I believe the experience will be much better with the new clouds/weather that we plan to implement. Please come back when DCS 2.7 launches and give it another try. You have my apology :(
  13. Is this your only try? There is no hard time limit, but Reef's force are actually fighting the enemy ground forces. There is a chance that he gets killed. Our advice is to always be fast on dropping the LGBs, if you do it too slowly, the chance he gets killed increases. Let us know how it turns out. If you feel like it, you can send in a trk or Tacview file to us.
  14. Can you send a Google drive link to the mission trk or Tacview file please? Are you using the SuperCarrier version or the non-supercarrier version?
  15. Planned for a trilogy, but we first have to see ROI on Rising Squall (if sufficient to support further development, if not, we will need to figure some other ways to get enough funds first). We will need to do some heavy development in DCS in the third part for it to work. If you have been readying the story comics on the website... You may even know what frame it will mainly be using...
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