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  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH¡¡¡¡ Chizh. Ican´t get tired about this game. I just can´t get enough fun, enough time for play and enough good sensations with this sim. I only can say that this is my best sim experience of all times. Thanks Chizh and all ED Team. Just waiting fot 1.2, and Hokum.
  2. Hi Folks. Some days ago i´d posted in the english forum about a translation of a russian Mig 29 Manual, in effect about an abreviature that simply was too much difficult to me. Now i´m advancing very fast in the translation, almost completed 1/3 of the manual but i find again a little stone in my shoes. In the instrumental guidance chapter of the manual said something like that: По имеющейся информации уточнить условия встречи с целью ( превышение, принижение, скорость и характер полета цели), проконтролировать положение органов управления СУВ в соответствии с зтими условиями, уста
  3. Thanks Swingkid for your reply It´s just what i need because i´m translating just the climb-acceleration-interception chapter and this sentences translation fit perfectly in the context. Sorry if i post this in the wrong place. In my next question i try to put in in the correct forum. Thank you very much
  4. To all russian developers of this great sim. I´m working in the translate of an original Mig 29A russian combat manual with substancial success but just now i find a stone in this job. It´s a russian abreviature and if someone colud tell me what this means i appreciatted much this help. The sentence read like this: М.нач горку = 1.65 Н.нач горку = 12 13 Км М.кон = 1.65 Н.кон = 17,5 КМ Дистанция подачи команды “ Горка ” 220 КМ Thanks a lot ED TEAM.
  5. THANKS GG, like always, simply, directly, easy and precise. Now i will brought this info to my squad.
  6. Well i have a question to all ED developers and beta testers. With the new improved missiles flight path, new FOV of IR and ARH missiles and other changes in missiles behaviour what´s the most REALISTIC setting in the effectiveness slider? Thanks for your reply.
  7. I will try without the resolution name in the BMP file. I hope this is the mistake. Thanks for your reply
  8. Well i can arrange my first troubble. With Photoshop i edited all the templates we can download at this site, changed it to BMP and inserted it into Bazar/Tempextures. All works fine, i can see my own skin perfectly. But , you know I always want more. I was thinking if it´s possibble to insert this edited skin in the game like a cdds texture using Loman. Well i tried, renaming all the BMP adding the resolution, ex. SU39-PAINT1-DEF-01-1024x1024.bmp and inserting it with Loman. All seems to work fine but when i tried to look at the results i only see a black screen in the preview window o
  9. THANKS MrWolf-Loskins. I will try this tonight and after that we will see if this works. Thnks¡¡
  10. Thanks Prophet, thats was exactly the information that i need. Very usefull stuff. I hope in the readme file of 1.11 we can obtain a mayor explication of this new BVR enviroment changes made.
  11. Well this works fine with all fighters models except with de Su25T. I probed it but it doesn´t work. Really. This is why i´m asking for help here.
  12. Well then it doesn´t matter the ECM is ON or OFF, a human F15 player employing TWS to launch a AIM-120 or a AIM-7 don´t cause a launch warning on my RWR. From now i will keep the distance an fire depending on the radar signal strength, and be more agressive in my offensive tactics. (suppossing that EVERY enemy is a F-15 ) Thanks for the reply GG
  13. Well i´m working over the template of the su25t but i don´t know how insert it into the game. If someone could explain in easy steps the process of insert the edited bmp´s into the game and make it work please reply in this thread with the solution. Thanks
  14. Well, sorry fo retake de origins of this thread, only answer me and all of you could return to this interesting conversation. I have a question about TWS in the F-15 and his interaction with an ECM enviroment. Like the Mig29-S, you know if ECM is present, his "Semi TWS" cant operate, in the F-15 the TWS suffers the same restriction? Well if i turn on the inboard ECm can the Eagle operate his TWS to engage me and fire a 120 without the launch warning in the RWR? Thanks a lot for your replys and sorry for the distraction.
  15. GG said "Also keep in mind that these SAMs are meant to destroy incoming cruise missiles which fly pretty low." Well i´m sure my Mig29 looks so beautiful in an Autumm afternoon flying directly towards a Hawk site but looking like a cruise missile, well i´m not slim enough neither my Mig. GG said "Don't get me wrong, we're still checking it out" Totally out of my mind getting you wrong GG, I apreciatted very much the ED efforts, often the best solutions are in the little things like reading the manual or making a correct data list encyclopedia. GG said "There are reasons why big S
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