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  1. Is there a way to lock external view on a carrier like F5 on an another aircraft?
  2. @Kenpilot Yes. You should select 3840 x1080, total resolution of your projectors. In fly Elise you select Desktop warp. It works correctly only in game, not in menus. Let me know if you got it working
  3. HUD with viewport on external monitor, fonts unreadable Any suggestion where to look for solution?
  4. Quite specific issue, but may be someone knows. I have 180 degree screen with 2 projectors that warped with Fly Elise software. Also have external screen to viewport MFCDs. The issue is that Fly Elise warps not only main screen but also extended, making it wrong on all screens. Might be an issue with the way I made .Lua Any advice greatly appreciated FlyElise 2 pojectors + ext disp.lua
  5. Is it possible to set F2 external view on second monitor while flying with regular F1 view on main screen? without server on a second PC
  6. Actually, the same question few years later: is it possible to port external F2 view into another monitor while F1 view on main screen, without a second PC?
  7. And they are only in the Hornet, look weird on Alt + f1 Dear ED, how to get them off "HUD only view"?... meanwhile @Oilman100how did you get them to "dot" size?
  8. Yes, I managed to turn HUD off in Alt-F1 view, but DDI's are still there... DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\Multipurpose_Display_Group\MDI_IP1556A\indicator\MDI_init.lua
  9. I am trying to get a clear view with NO Cockpit, DDI's and Hud. Alt+F1 gives me this:
  10. I like new format. Just reduce wasted screen space.
  11. Yes, "ready" appears before F5, after that only "copy" is availble Track is attachted. Got a little bored by the end here circuling India :pilotfly:
  12. I can not move past first training flight with F5. After it ends for whatever reason, there is a command "recycle India". I circle it forever but the next training flight, with F-16, does not start. Any advice? :noexpression:
  13. When you get in a real cockpit you don't get to remap hook stick into gears and pedals into ailerons :pilotfly: you just learn where they are and what they do. Mapping flexibility is great for experienced pilot but something that scares a noob :smilewink:
  14. Fully agree with Vertigo72. Another things to improve - controls set up. It takes quite an effort to map all the controls, and then transferring them to another plane or pc. At the same time, 90% of simmers, noobs in particular, use less a dozen of sticks and throttles. Making default profiles with simple in game selection would greatly reduce entry barrier
  15. Should be perfect. I have i5, 16gb, 1660ti, keeps 50-80 fps at close to max settings 1980x1080
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