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  1. Thanks - Yeah - this setup is taking way too long for me. DCS Dev Team should come out with tutorials on this and official settings. I am unable to enjoy DCS without VR. I am really struggling here, I am not able to get the settings I want.
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to learn some of these complex airplanes but I am trying to do so by using the Monitor and not VR. Once I am comfortable with mechanics/instructions on the airplane then I will jump back into the VR. But for now I have Smoothtrack ios App working with Opentrack. By default it seems to work but I am unable to get the mapping right. For example it is very challenging to see the controls left or right of the pilot's seat in F-16. I can't move my head closer so that I can zoom. I figured it has to do the mapping. Things are so fast but not in a smooth way like in VR. I just want to be able to see the controls when I nudge my face forward to the monitor in small increments. If anyone can help me on what needs to be done, I will truly appreciate your help. Thank You
  3. This is Excellent. I am hoping from what I can tell that this Controller has some cool things vs standard Xbox Wireless Controller. I will install DCS on the laptop and see what happens.
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to figure out if a portable joystick like Xbox Elite Controller 2 work well with DCS. It looks like it has paddles etc (at the back). I know there is a youtube video using a normal Xbox 360 controller but this one is different.... Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 | Xbox Even if it supported which airplanes will it work best on --- will it work well with P51 or F86 or even F16 or M2000C etc Any thoughts. I am going on a trip, and I was planning to run DCS on my laptop (it has a Nvidia Card in it) Thanks,
  5. Hi DCS Promo Video Makers. I absolutely love DCS World: Reach for the Skies Video. Omg the cloud surfing is awesome. Here is what I am going to do in my Medical Office. It is already Aviation themed as I already have large Aviation Canvases all over the office as Wall Art. Because every other practice has boring wall art. I chose Aviation - Military Jets....b/c they look awesome and I can do it. Already have F-16s, SR71. Getting more F-18s, and F-22s epic wall art. I will post pictures here soon. But here is my next big update coming...I am installing 65 inch TV on the wall - this is the wall in lobby area and I am going to play this video on repeat. Majority will believe that this real footage, your video is that good (obviously without music, b/c no one will get any work done if they keep hearing same song over and over and I do have to talk to patients etc) so TV is on mute. By the way excellent song selection "As the Rush Comes", it reminds me of all the Tiesto parties I used to go back in the day. Perfect track to dance early morning parties on Miami Beach. I believe Tiesto uses this track in his legendary In Search of Sunrise CDs. Can you guys make me more of these cloud surfing videos....the coolest part is people will ask me what DCS is when they see Eagle Dynamics logo in the end. I love the flaming logo...do not ever change that. I actually can not show explosions on TV when patients are sitting and doing paperwork and all that is why cloud surfing is what I need. Cloud surfing relaxes me and it will relax everyone who comes in the office. Thank you for this video. I need more of this as a big playlist. If you can give me the large original film video that I could put in my Apple TV, that would be great too. Thank You DCS and the team/person(s) which especially made this video. Love DCS
  6. I need the Apache. OMG. First day buy...no matter how many bugs are in it. Saving up for 3090 RTX....by the time Apache comes out, I shall have it all. What a trailer!!!! EA clouds like P3Dv5...very cool
  7. Lol..Finally this is made. Thank you. I just did F-15C Georgian War somehow finished it. Usually after blowing up enemies, I got mission complete - I just ended the mission. I could never figure out the ILS landing on it. But these tutorial will help as I try to switch between M2000C and this bird.
  8. Great tips. Thank You. I will do as suggested.
  9. Hey guys, Can you give some guidance on how to use this bird effectively in VR. I have Rift-S it is just that some things are little blurry to see on some of these small switches and all. I am having to VR Zoom all the time. I read on some previous post that there is VR body. I do have it enabled in the settings but I am in the latest beta. So no idea on what is going as I didn't the body in VR. I am just concerned about reading the switches and what not. How do you guys use it VR? I really want to do baltic-dragon's tutorials and then move into all their campaigns created by them for this. Thank You
  10. Ah man...I did do this. I bought a plane or two and used some free points on campaigns. I am glad I got big chunk of them. Ah man...it made buying things fun. Won't ED usually just pay the campaign makers anyway once it showed someone used miles to buy something. I wish there was some heads up to get the campaigns before the miles go away.
  11. Hey, I knew few campaigns were not in ED miles but when did all the campaigns go into that mode. Did anyone notice that? Thanks
  12. @speed-of-heat your sig is not visible still. Can you post link to your site to download the new fix
  13. Hi guys, I have decided to utilize F86 as my first high fidelity model in DCS. I was debating between M2000C or F86. Even though I got lot of other addons due to the sale but after finishing Georgian War in F15C, it is time to for the next level. My rationale is go from F86-->M2000C-->F-16/F-18/Harrier and maybe Mig 19/21 around the same time as M2000C somewhere in between (this is all subject to change). Using VR and Voiceattack. What is the best profiles out there for T16000+hotas+pedals. On top of this I also have extra xbox joystick and TM Hotas X. Extra joysticks gives me extra buttons and axes. For joystick I found this old post https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-86f-sabre-aa/126733-desperately-need-help-with-the-sabre-controls?p=3507773#post3507773 But what are you guys using? this is getting confusing to setup. Thanks,
  14. Hey guys, I just finished my first ever campaign and it was this. I am spoiled. OMG. I am coming from Prepar3d/Xplane/MSFS2020/FSX world and finally DCS Campaigns have what I am looking for. OMG what fun this was. I did buy all the planes you guys have campaigns for including Raven One (I got carried away in the sale). Flying in VR was fun and challenging at times and could not see the HUD in last mission when flying into the Sunrise from the airport lol (again this is VR). Thank You for you campaign. It truly was my first complete DCS experience and now to big complex planes
  15. I didn't get to vote - but vote should be yes. OMG this is super realistic feature. I am still learning DCS but I want this. Down the road for me this will be epic. It just sounds so cool to begin with anyway. Yes to all cool new features
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