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  1. I think I notice only after super carrier update. Anyway, not a fan too of the new reflection, and I understand is more realistic. As Reflected said, if you turn down the brightness is hard to see the HUD in some moments, and knob doesnt't have an axis (if I rememeber correctly). Happens the same in the Viggen ages ago. Perhaps a solution is to add new "special setting", like the canopy tint color in the F-16.
  2. Short mind here too, hehehe. I setup the CDU page long time before JTAC give the coordinates, so when he say the numbers I can type at the same time, even with the mouse.
  3. In my case, my external USB keypad was detected as integral keyboard when I tried. i You need a gaming keypad to bin other keys.
  4. I had dead zone in F-14 (harder to air refuel than F-16 IMO), but changed to zero dead zone and works better for me. I set to no dead zone at all in all jets. Don't know how it works in a real plane, but for me the throttle has same level of importance as the joysitck, more throttle, nose up, less power, nose down. Need to be soft... Oh, trim... For me the Viper is a no trim plane (other people prefer to trim, is personal), but with no trim from take off, you get the tanker in nice level flight (tried trim flight at the Viper launch and it was a nightmare to AAR). As other sai
  5. I think this mod is only for exterior view.
  6. ams999 tip works for me... Textures are in DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Textures Not sure is the correct way to do it, but here it is: Extract zip folder and interchange names in the six textures (gold and no gold). I leave the two folders (compress and uncompress). It seems DCS read first uncompress folders. And yes, I know it's not very realistic, but I prefer no gold tint. Didn't like in the Su-27 either. As other said, an special option would be nice. btw, be aware no IC pass. Again, perhaps there is another way to do it better.
  7. Cool! I was waiting for this liverie. I live not to far from Torrejón airbase and as a kid in the 80s, I saw many of those vipers flying around making big noise. I will install it, for sure... Nice work! :)
  8. nachomaga


    Did the same yesterday with cold start in MP, and work without problems. Anyway, taking off from parking is not ideal.
  9. nachomaga


    So the NWS button perhaps fix the AAR in multiplayer too?
  10. Yes, good idea! And how about the chance to be a shooter in the carrier in MP? With all the hand signals for the pilots.
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