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  1. TGP AUTOLASE FAIL can also mean you forgot to arm the laser. Don’t ask me how I know this ;-) When noobs like myself start doing missions from a cold start it is easy, at first, to forget to arm the laser - it’s not on the startup checklist, and with the switch (in the A-10C) being in the second row it’s easy to overlook.
  2. Another answer for the OP: When you bring up a radio menu the choices WINGMAN, ATC, etc have corresponding function keys (listed beside them). Function key 10, F10, is the OTHER choice in that menu. If present, it will have mission specific stuff. The reason I am apparently stating the obvious is that those of us who play in VR never use function keys to make choices in the radio menu, and frankly I never noticed that they were even there. VR users can just point and click with their head pointer. I fell into the "F10 opens some wierd map thing" trap too. In one of the A-10 The Enemy Within 3.0 early missions you are told to "Use the F10 menu to contact -wingman's name- and tell him either ... or ..". Of course I selected the WINGMAN option to talk to my wingman - no joy. Also a noob here - that's why I had to google and read this thread.
  3. Yesterday I found spyglass totally by accident and it great. But where should I be looking to keep up with the changes being made to DCS/A-10C?
  4. Me too - thanks Rosco! I used your plans from this thread - as-is for the Throttle, but without the slanted mount for the Joystick - I made it flat as in your original since the slant made no sense to me. Works out that the joystick is low enough to slide forward under the desk - works great. Not a super skilled woodworker here so I unintentionally made the joystick rails a little narrow at the front with the wonderful side effect that you can pull the joystick out until it jams snugly - in exactly the correct spot - with no wiggle whatsoever. I would try to aim for that result if anyone else is thinking of making one. I used left over hardwood flooring for the rails - very strong. In the photo of the underside, the joystick is in the "stowed" position. Having said all that, using an extension would probably be a better way to go IMHO. The TM HOTAS is new to me and my arm/wrist is sure getting a workout - but as I have read - you do get used to it and I am not having any issues controlling the Hog.
  5. Solved - it’s the space bar, the *real* space bar. In earlier training missions, and earlier in this one, the trigger of my TM HOTAS was working as the space bar in the training missions - nothing that I had setup at all - and I got used to using that instead of searching for the keyboard (VR user). When I got to the “cycle steerpoints” point today I used the keyboard space bar and it worked. Continued to the end of the mission without any further issues - the KOR stuff, etc. Worked fine.
  6. The Navigation training mission stalls for me too - but at a different point. I can't get past the "cycle the steering points" item. I go up/down completely around and back to steerpoint #2 using both the UFC and the CDU itself and after hitting the space bar the mission never proceeds. Done it three times now. What am I doing wrong?
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