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  1. The good thing is we are in a simulator and will not die
  2. Interesting things thank you
  3. Just for knowledge because it isn't written nowhere.. 6x120 3xtank is consider a cat 3 for the fuel on the wings ? Furthermore, can we know what's the highest g can we afford in cat 1 at this point? When comes out a new update is always a Russian roulette The video I posted here is with a 4 x 120 and 2 harms and 3 tank of fuel,but the same happen with 6x120 and 3 tank some days before.
  4. No over g before just take off and route
  5. I said before update used to fly sometimes with cat 1 and ag load.. by the way I will expect to have a damage for sure, a lost of a tank, slat flaps etc damege but not a problem like this. By the way I ll upload the tac right now
  6. Fcs should prevent this not me. By the way this issue happen after the last update. Never broke a wing in the viper before also with no cat 3 selected and with ag full loaded.
  7. It has happen only 2 times till the last update and the last event was just yesterday . Was on MP server (104th) and just after a second of an high turn at hight speed my wings rips off. LOUDAOUT : 4 120 c- 2 HARM -3 TANK 1 POD (HAS ) The problems also happen before yesterday but with bvr loadout with 3 tank . Got a tacview maybe in the afteroon will post here .
  8. Same problems here like all of that one up above. Additionally I found the SOI in the hud will not work properly, remain lock to A steer point and can't be moved to create a mark Point on too a target spot visually
  9. Right now 3 missile fire at once, last 120 and 2 9x. God on my tacw.
  10. Had the same issue in the pass month, tough was my x65 f, so I never reported.. By the way happen only with 9 x, and in random.. Sometimes fires 2 9x sometimes 1..
  11. 2rgt tiger meet, 2rgt in the search box and it will find
  12. Ho support constumer it's a very shame here in Italy.. I called for a month and they only let me lose time.. Lucky me that I buy it from amazon and right now I have a 3th vr headset new in replacement for free (it s the cable). Amazon know this.. Hp don't..
  13. After the update this is it : 1 )In sam mode with 120 selected hud don't show any information , need to go in hard lock to show range and other information . 2) By the way the jdam won't hit small target (track ,tank etc.) 3) At least can't rearm on the ground the 120 .
  14. I noticed the lack of precision only in multiplayer server for what concernig the jdam ..If in SP mission the jdam hit pretty close to the target ...hope they solve as soon as they can
  15. I think the sameas you .. By the way I don't fly helicopter only jet.. Maybe one day i ll fly the rotor blade Are you get in the server tonight?
  16. Nice done , i will come in the server this evening ..hope this server will be a new fresh air to dcs
  17. Hi to everyone My name's Antonio , i'm italian so forgive me for some error with english linguage ... I've read all the post in this thread and i have a problem with the g2 only after the firmaware update that has come out to solve the volume issue . First thing first.. i never had black screen till the firmware update . I Had only a blue screen the first time i plug in the g2 in to my PC due to some update i missed or bad setting i did. So here it is the problem : As i said after the firmware update i started to had black screen and blue screen (random) but most of the time is a black screen . It takes me back to cliff home and on my monitor the game is still there but no tracking and the image is freeze (so i force to close dcs ) This thing happen for the most the first time i play , after that first crash it goes normally, but not all the time to be onest (sometime i have a blu or a black screen again) Another probelms is this one: Usually when turn on the g2 , before you enter in the cliff home, the software let you setup the VR, moving the head right ,left ,down and then it goes in the cliff home ..Ok ..this setup don't show up all the time ..i go straight in the cliff home ...But other time it let me setup the VR and i can calibrate the g2 moving the head RIGHT LEFT DOWN . This sound strange to me. The other issue is in Steam Vr .... So i first : 1 ) put on VR 2) it take me in cliff home 3) lunch from VR headset Steam VR 4 ) Land in the steam VR to choose what i want to play ,in this case DCS . Here there is the strange problem with the center of VR position : Usually(before the update) it was center (the white arrow was looking forward, pointing the monitor) Now the visual slide on the side and is not center ,so i press reset position and the white arrow return to the center ..OK ..BUT ..: When i select DCS the visual in steam vr (after some second , just the time it starts to loading the game ) turn back to the side and not more in the center ... So when i play in dcs i notice also some strutter and also some other problems with the lose of the track ..(yes , i have the light on in the room where i play ) At last .. when i have a black screen i got a pop up on desktop form steam vr taht say something like that : STEAM vr ERROR, or reboot steam vr etc. This is all ..hope to have some advice from you , and i will thank you for your time and effort .
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