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  1. So maybe a pack of "FC3" fidelity ships that have a few wwii and a few cold war ships with the option of FF modules. FC3 Iowa but FF Missouri for WWII and FF Wisconsin for Cold War. For those of us that do mostly flights against AI anyway it isn't really any different
  2. yeah, should only be a bit past 1.8 with 8AAMs and wing tanks on an ICAO STD day. A bit past M2 looks doable on a STD-10C day, but the tanks are only cleared to 1.8M. Per Figure B9-6 in the -220 perf manual.
  3. Oh? I didn't realize they put in the TF30 specific tune already! I thought that was going to have to wait. As for the sustained G, I am not going to lose sleep over losing .15G at SL, a 3% or less error. I am never doing a STR turn anyway. I am always either climbing, diving, speeding up, or tightening down.
  4. for consistency you should use 8 AMRAAMs so that your wing missiles are exactly the same as the fuselage missiles, otherwise it introduces the error of Sidewinder drag vs AMRAAM drag. While that difference is IRL quite small for the purposes of a test we should eliminate it if we can. Another interesting data point, IRL the centerline tank has the same drag index as two wing tanks.
  5. If HB won't do an F-14D then they won't do an RAH-66.
  6. WW2AP is not free, it is still $30
  7. AFAIK in the current implementation missiles have a set drag no matter where they are stored. what missiles are you using for your test? AIM-120C in all cases?
  8. CAT III only limits AoA, not G.
  9. Yeah, should make Tiger a real treat.
  10. The way LANTIRN was just implemented opens up a while new realm of possibilities for Jester, if they have the time, money, desire to recode him.
  11. https://youtu.be/jHY0MZMeiDY I love the Viper, but I suck with it.
  12. To be fair, HB has been stating for quite some time that the Forrestal will be Stennis level implementation and NOT a new SC.
  13. simply amazing implementation! Those head modes are a brilliant way to simulated audible callouts, "Smoke by the road, 1 o'clock" or "bridge support by wpt"
  14. Remember, only about ~1% of all legacy hornets ere EPE Lot 20s. so ANY testimony or video is 99% not our Hornet in DCS. The ONLY official documentation that is google-able on a Lot20 turn rate does indeed state the following... "Navy Aviation: F/A-18E/F will provide marginal operational improvement at high cost" is the GAO document. https://books.google.com/books?id=XCcLAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA30&lpg=PA30&dq=F/A-18E+sustained+turn&source=bl&ots=VDPtcyELXn&sig=UJf5CawaEWf0_qeoPm5grVY5xT4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDkQ6AEwBWoVChMI5OyCgpmLyQIVTzqICh1-KQ9S#v=onepage&q=F%2FA-18E sustained turn&f=false page 29 engine F/A-18C/D F404-GE-402 EPE page 30 "At sea level the F/A-18C's sustained turn rate is 19.2 degrees per second... (Super Hornet comparison follows) The instantaneous bleed rate of the F/A-18C is 54 knots per second... (Super Hornet comparison follows) * Weapons load is 2 AIM-9 and 2 AIM-120 carried externally, no external fuel tanks and 60 percent fuel remaining" The Lot 20 is not overperforming. Get over it. Assume that every account you have ever seen or read was not a Lot 20 (which would be a 99% certainty) and move on. This thread is about the Viper, not the Hornet. You want to say the Viper isn't rating right? Wait until they are done tuning the FM. ED knows it isn't right yet, that's why they are working on it. That said, unless they reduce the G impact on the pilot (the entire reason for the reclined seat) then it won't matter, you'll black out before you can out rate anything.
  15. To the guy on the ground facing an enemy vehicular attack, YES!
  16. Interactive ground (errr, deck) crew on the SC module kind of broke everything else from an immersion pov. Now that we have tasted it we want all of it. We want ground guides to move us to parking spaces and plane pushbacks and ordies and everything.
  17. Moustache Intensifies! Yeah, the Tomcat is visceral.
  18. OMG! I'm so sorry about the "414" typo, 404 EPE is what I was referring to. I'm glad @Noctrach caught it and corrected me. Sorry everyone!
  19. Lot 20 is not overperforming. Not every video or pilot story was in/against a Lot 20. Of the 1,480 Legacy Hornets made only 18 were Lot 20s from what I am seeing, 10 Cs and 8 Ds. So, you can basically bank on any video you see or story you hear NOT being a Lot 20. Why does this matter? Lot 20 got the F414 EPE.
  20. That would turn a 4xAIM-7 loadout into one fast interceptor
  21. WRT AIM-7 vs AIM-120, maybe it's about the nature of the target? Sometimes the Sparrows massive warhead might be preferred?
  22. But not for for the TF30 rework, and IIRC @captain_dalan prefers the A model. As I understand it the TF30 will have the same tune as the F110 after this patch, so it will be a weaker B throughout the envelope. I look forward to the TF30 rework and doing some interception tests. Tried a test last week and even with 2 tunnel Sparrows and 2 winders I barely reached 1.6M at 40,000 and it dropped to 1.5M by 45,000.
  23. LMAO! Good thing I'm not a young DCS player then!
  24. Except chat with while enroute. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying that they should do that. That would be insane. But often I find myself talking to him and wishing he could talk back.
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