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  1. Did the A fly that different from the B or will the B be improved also?
  2. Glad it was something simple. Happy flying.
  3. By your post it seems clear that you did not understand my intentions. I was simply stating that the above question of "how fast were you going when you tried to use it?", with the NATOPS limit in mind, did not apply to what the sim allowed. OP says "Why doesn't my AP work?", replies come in saying "NATOPS says not to use it above 0.9M", I simply point out "I have used the AP at Mach 2" as a way to say that the NATOPS limit is either something that must be pilot observed or is not currently in the sim. In either case, supersonic speed would have nothing to do with why the sim did not eng
  4. That may be, but it was not the case in the sim as of two build ago. And the sim is what is in question.
  5. Since when? I ask because I used it at over Mach 2 two updates ago.
  6. I don't think this would be as fun as you may think. The F-117 is just as blind as everything else. No radar, no RWR, no SA at all.
  7. I'm just saying, if they said they were going to make an end of year announcement I would expect it to be the "2021 Promo Video" than an Early November forum post.
  8. IMO the big difference is in how HB does radar. When a radar beam passes over an aircraft the DCS engine does a quick math check of "based on listed radar power and the RCS model and jamming by the target, can the radar detect this aircraft? Y/N" and then if Y the radar display shows the target using the symbiology applicable to the radar mode. When a HB radar gets a Y it grabs RCS data, relative speed, and likely a bunch of other info to generate a "Power Received", "Range Cell", and "Doppler Cell" which it then gives the simulated AWG-9. The AWG-9 then actually processes the inputs the
  9. It will probably be announced in the DCS 2021 video, the same way the F-16 was announced in the DCS 2019 video.
  10. What is Track Hold and how does a RIO use it (low time RIO here)
  11. How many As were still left in 2000? Weren't 126 As lost by 2000? http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-serial-loss-st.htm Still most numerous, but heavy losses
  12. it could be a combination, that the FCS does not protect against neg G so it is up to the pilot to monitor that to ensure the fuel system can feed the engine.
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