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  1. This shows a lot of promise! Keep up the great work.
  2. Not much said there about HARM. I made that post to find out more about what actually has been flown by operation Vipers on 4/6 so I can compliment the HARMs on 3/7.
  3. sorry, I should have been clear, the weather engine was shown at the end of the video. That is why I expect the transonic plume to be "beyond".
  4. I have an old Cougar with 4 push through detents. I was using a thumb rotary as the nozzle position. I found Hovering all but impossible. I switched axes so now, from "min" to "max", my "throttle" goes Full Reverse Nozzle->detent->92-85deg(great for hover work)->detent->82-38deg(pull to middle of that range for STO then let rest against detent)->detent->35-28deg -> detent -> 25-0 degrees (where the cannon works)
  5. I look forward to the video, I loved the Fighter Flings.
  6. As it stands right now AMK is never going to happen. No nation has requested it in their orders. That said, yes it would eliminate many of the areas where the Typhoon gives up advantage to other types.
  7. I would experiment with curves such that being up against the detent yields max continuous RPM (~102% IIRC) with nozzles full aft (full forward thrust) and going higher is for the time limited settings. You can do this in flight and should only take a minute.
  8. Not the first time I've heard of F-15s and F/A-18Cs being a close match in the phone booth.
  9. Just going to ask the obvious, are you 100% sure the Fuze is set for N/T in both situations?
  10. if it is JUST an SA-10 on a coast I do that with 50ft ingress over the water to within min range and drop a JDAM blossom that I had targeted from 38nm out.
  11. Well I did now! Love those books, enjoyed the movie. When flying Navy with by buddy (either in Hornets or as his RIO in the Cat) we always refer to Grafton as our CAG.
  12. Ah yes, SA-10s. JSOW SHOULD be a VLO weapon, yet it is easily targeted. IIRC, only one of the models is engaged and the other is not.
  13. I can't speak for the setup, AFAIK it is the same as a JDAM, but for the range it is largely dependent on your altitude. Dropping from 30,000+ft tends to give good range unless the zone is defended by an SA-10.
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