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  1. Hi, Yes, I do want to create only 1 ship . Once it gets killed spawn a new one. I had copied the code from a working example and left the 5 (groups) in , as it really didn't affect anything. Not sure why the original code was setup that way. randmathORos : Now, I dug this out of one of my posts. I would have thought searching through all posts by content would have located it for you, but found out I have renamed it in this mission project. This code uses OS.time and thus the whole dcs needs to allow this (by uncommenting a line in a lua script). The code originally came
  2. oh ,heh, that is what I had done when I first wrote the logic, made it simple. it all has Worked for like the last 8 months of the project lifecycle. Now I do have some problems destroying ships. They seem to want to exist in the exact same place. even after one of them did bring up a "Destroyed" message. In fact a "dead' ship attacked another ship. Stuff like that. Of course, this is all part of the moose framework code. -- now ,the template ship used was created inside mission editor & created just like any templated unit type. This is where I do get a bit unsure about what syntax
  3. all this was in the "good ole days" when the ship actually moved around the map. Now it's completely stopped. I have no idea ,of course, as usual
  4. BLUE|RED EWR LOGIC is identical ,however only the BLUE side works now. The RED side also worked for a long time. Now I am wondering if I should try to redefine again the Polygon used for the Border. I was experimenting with the RED logic , but in the latest version of the code both sides are identical again. The Red team Aircraft won't respond to invaders anymore but the Blue Team aircraft will come out of Liwa to attack. Has anyone else had their EWR logic stop working like I seem to have?
  5. Ok, I will fill in where I can. The Carrier is on RED TEAM (enemy) & Moose Spawned. I follow the same code technique I used to move the Spawned Tanks & other Ships around. The code had originally come from the mission examples, however, the code is slightly different in that it selects a random starting Carrier template (with it's Waypoints pre-assigned through mission editor). This is way I did it with the tanks & other ships. All working, except the Carrier won't move now. The mission I fly is called CHOP-U with a couple of different variants (night ,daytime, no TANK control
  6. Heh, ok , kewl, thanks for the quick reply. It's great that we keep reporting this stuff so they can get the corrections in for a later build
  7. Ok , I , once again , am stumped, after the last patch my Moose Spawned Carrier has stopped moving along it's waypoints. Just Stopped. Always worked perfectly for 10 months of playing the mission. I looked in the dcs.log using glogg. No errors found regarding my code. Well, I never had changed it ,so what is going on? Is the latest Moose not working with the latest dcs release? I also wonder about the Carrier sea depth and distance between ships that would cause it to Stop. And well, the code had never changed from when I was flying with it last week to now. I mean , I don't even have a
  8. WELL THAT IS A VERY NASTY REPLY TO MY JOKE KANG... In fact I WOULD PREFER you to NEVER reply to anything else I write at ED FORUMS.
  9. Still haven't found any resources on the subject ... still lookin'
  10. I keep on thinking that this would be the spot for me to add in some Pascal code as well ...
  11. Hi , I have been testing all the Carrier's and got as far as 73 the Washington Carrier. Now, I have tried twice on it in a row with same Jet/Settings I have used on all the other ones. I get the severe roll over . I will reboot and see if the setting goes away, but that rollover came back. On both these trips, I had a Successful startup, payings particular attention the the Parking brk and INS initialization. No problems were reported. Still I rolled heavily to the left. Now, This is after over a dozen or so successful landing/shutdown/repair/reload/startup/takeoff sequences on both
  12. Now before I upload any track .I want to fore mention the following points. 1) Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. 2) I know there is an automated way of scoring , however , if I don't get a score, -if there are no flames or smoke - if there are no warning beeps and buzzers I give myself a score ! 3) just because the Landing Signal Officer waves me off , doesn't mean I gonna wave off. 4) plopping down onto carrier deck is just as good!
  13. heh ok the jets and missiles are taking me down for a bit , but I will get a good mission over to the Carrier Fleet and post the track !! I tried sneaking away from the Airfield but it didn't work ... OH , I have to rearm when I refuel I do the loadout before I shut down & park, then I startup fully loaded. I have looked into the payload issue while I fly & should be flying straight. In fact , a lot of missions I just land fully loaded and thus don't need to change the load and the problem still persists.
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