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  1. Hi all! My apologies if the option is there and I have missed it but It would be cool if in both map and mission editor we had the chance to: - switch from true to magnetic when using the ruler - see the magnetic deviation for the location below the pointer (eg. next to the coordinates) Currently, the ruler measures true bearings (referred to true north) and the conversion to magnetic bearing should be done by yourself; not a big issue (just algebra) but I don't think the above request is difficult to implement. Moreover, magnetic deviation is nowhere to be fo
  2. +1 Especially on the official 3rd party module...
  3. Hi all! Whenever I fly, I set the clock to my actual time. I'm starting to get into this module and I've noticed that the clocks in both the EB and CC version have the hour dial (short one) that does not align to the hour numbers in the upper part of the clock (e.g. 11 and 1) once the minute dial (long one) is pointing at the 12 o'clock number. Moreover, it seems that in the mentioned range, from 11 to 12 and from 12 to 1, the hour dial requires two revolutions of the minute dial (120 minutes in total). There may be other misalignments in the clock which I have not noticed so I suggest y
  4. Red, is your screenshot from a publicly available document? Thank you!
  5. I usually perform the approach\refuelling\post-refuelling as indicated in the Harrier's refuelling training mission which should be what the NAVY does: approach from 1000ft below the tanker altitude on the left, 45° formation, move into position on the left basket, refuel, move into the "parking" position up and left. The USAF uses the boom and not baskets but I don't know how it is performed throughout. I fly with wake turbulence setting on and I wanted to try the right wing wingtip vortix effect for a change. Thank you all for the replies. :thumbup:
  6. I fly mostly with the F-18 and it would be cool to have the possibility to have AC Carriers (either Stennis or the Supercarrier module if one has it) as spawn points for Fast Missions. Currently, only airfields are available... :( Of course, AC Carriers should have a heading which matches prevailing wind conditions in order to takeoff and land with a headwind... :smilewink: Thank you! :thumbup:
  7. I confirm what mentioned above by BuzyBee. :thumbup: I have a mission with multiple late activation objects which are user generated by radio menu commands. Once I review the ACMI in TacView, the scenario has all ships visible and even though this is not a ACMI killer, it's a bit bothering and probably not working as intended. A fix would be very much appreciated. :helpsmilie:
  8. Thank you! I'll try that out. :thumbup: P.S. I usually fly without wingman... :megalol:
  9. Hi all! I always perform AA refuelling on both KC-130 and KC-135 in my training routine. I always connect to the left basket but today, for a change, I tried connecting to the right basket but I could not plug my probe. Is the right basket on the tanker only aestethic? :glare: Thank you!
  10. Is there a way (switch or lever) to operate the ladder from within the cockpit? Or is it something that the ground crew does?
  11. Oh well, I had to run the test to clear the field from doubts. I hope Bignewy will add "REPORTED" to the title of this thread. :thumbup:
  12. Here is the track you requested. As you can see, both TACAN symbol and caret in the HSI stays at the same location both in MAG and TRUE setting. On the HUD, the caret changes position. HDG MAG TRUE TACAN .trk
  13. Ok, I ran the test and the bug is clearly on the bearing caret on the HUD. I input a TACAN station with HDG MAG and set the HSI range so that the TACAN symbol was within HSI range. Switching HDG MAD/TRUE back and forth, both the TACAN symbol and the TACAN bearing caret (T within a triangle) on the outer perimeter of the HSI stayed at the same position and only the compass rose shifted. On the HUD instead, the bearing caret (which should be linked to the bearing caret on the HSI) moved with the compass rose. Result: the TACAN bearing caret on the HUD is not linked to the TACAN bearing car
  14. Thanks all for the support or contribution. I never though about the VOR relation but it seems to me a bit strange since it is the bearing to the station itself that changes and not the input radial (or course)... Later today I'll do a test and see if by switching MAG/TRUE the position of the TACAN symbol in the HSI changes. If it does (I believe this is the case) then it is not a VOR radial related issue... A clarification from ED on this would be appreciated. :helpsmilie:
  15. Sorry guys, bumping it up again since this has not been fixed (or aknowledged) To summarize and elaborate a bit more, when switching from HDG MAG to HDG TRUE in the HSI>DATA>AC page: 1) If a waypoint is selected in the HSI page, the bearing cue to the waypoint in the HUD remains where it is and only the compass tape moves (changing from magnetic to true and viceversa) - this is the correct behaviour 2) If a TACAN station is selected in the HSI page, the bearing cue to the TACAN station moves with the compass tape (as if the direction where the TACAN station changed) - this is not
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