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  1. I have seen reports of this on other games forums which have been kind of resolved by disabling the headset audio. Far from ideal but a potential work around. I have been having similar problems with a G1, short periods of blue screens on the headset, worst case it restarts WMR which crashes SteamVR and hence DCS. Again I have disabled headset audio and used headphones and been fine so far doing the same test missions. Edited to add there is a firmware update for the G2 which may resolve this https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-reverb-g2-virtual-reality-
  2. When I and others here talk about immersion, it isn't about being able to complete a task it is about feeling like it is as close to the real thing as possible. Sure there are limits of the simulation and our controls and there will always be ways to improve that with hardware and software developments but the key is we are simulating aircraft that we have controls - sticks, throttles and pedals that physically behave similar to the real thing. That isn't to belittle the achievement of flying with a keyboard and VR controllers or driving with an xbox controller, just that they detract from the
  3. Ok, in my view the current VR controllers we have fall way short of replacing a HOTAS so I guess we have to agree to disagree
  4. The original question was "Will VR ever get improved in terms of controller interactivity and remove the need to use a real Hotas?" In my view removing the HOTAS would not be an improvement, it is as natural as having a steering wheel in a driving sim and synchs perfectly with the rendition of your virtual self portrayed. Everyone has their own line in terms of hardware and software costs for their hobby. Using VR controllers is a cheaper and convenient solution than having some form of pit dedicated to VR flying for sure. I would say the latter is better bu
  5. I can drive a car but not necessarily the ones I can in VR, nor the instant access to a race track of choice without fear of expensive repairs or worse!
  6. Which is fine for a portable solution but compared with a setup designed around replica controllers it comes nowhere near the immersion levels in my experience. Yes, DCS could provide better options for those seeking a VR VTOL type experience but it will always fall short of what can be achieved with decent flight controls and a solution like PointCTRL, VR gloves or even button boxes for operating the rest of the controls, which is where I see the future development in VR One of the great things about flight and driving sims is that we can get pretty close to using the same control
  7. This started out as a discussion about immersion and VR and has seemed to focus on cost. For me, having tried it, replacing a hotas with vr controllers reduces immersion much like sim racing without a steering wheel and shifter. The point of a hotas is that you can operate it by feel, so you have controls you don't need to look at but are in your peripheral vision in VR so you move a stick and you see a stick move, as long as it is approximately the right position it works. The physical feeling of moving the stick with a similar resistance or so to the real thing adds to the whole sense of fee
  8. Most of the Russian aircraft have a neutral position for landing gear, otherwise the hydraulics are in operation if left in up or down position or something like that.
  9. I have a Jetseat and that works fine with both Simshaker for Aviators and Simshaker Wheels installed.
  10. It sounds like you don't have the right output selected in SSFA. You don't need Sim Shaker Wings for DCS. Are you sure you have USB and the JetSeat selected under Output Mode (Service Tab)?
  11. Yes, just added the switch as a modifier in the controls settings in DCS
  12. Good to know. I have found it in the main UH-1H Sim controls under "Uncoupled Aiming On/Off" so you can bind it to something more accessible as it defaults to uncoupled with VR/TrackIR
  13. There is a TrackIR & VR Gunner controls section for the Huey, I presume it is one of those?
  14. That is as per the release notes I believe: DCS UH-1H Huey by ED Gunner setting (for both modes - single player and multicrew). Added advanced view settings for gunner view and gun direction. Now the player can uncouple them from each other using two presets: with the head tracking devices (such as TrackIR or VR) and without such devices, and also assign the gun to other axis controlling devices. In addition, with a head tracking device, the gunner view and gun direction are automatically uncoupled.
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