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  1. How the heck did U get a Wright Flyer 3d Model to be usable in DCS World? Some folks truly impress me!!! Nice video & good work...but I can already hear the die hard simmers screaming for lack of realism .
  2. I certainly hope you are right. I can wait for such a release. Pas de problème!
  3. MAC??? Whats that? So DCS is not catered to aim at a wide audience? Don't put that on your CV if you plan to work at DCS.
  4. Flight simulators are not games? Really!!! Games are programs that are programmed by programmers. So are ultra cool flight simulators like DCS. Therefore, logically, the DCS flight simulator IS a game...whether you accept that or not. Oh...and the DCS flight simulator is also there to have MAJOR fun!
  5. So if real pilots have to make a RAMP Start to start their jets, then why is their a ramp start cheat in DCS. The answer is simple. Because it is convenient, for many virtual pilots, to have a ramp start auto startup in DCS. So where do you draw the realism line in the sand? If we ever get a TRIM RESET for DCS planes, then you will always have the choice to NOT USE IT and keep things as realistic as possible for yourself while giving other virtual pilots the choice to use that feature. I like realism too. In fact if I could get to feel them G when I turn hard, heck, I'd love it! But
  6. After a 1st release of one of the 500lbs bombs, the jet is really unbalanced...trimming is strong on the side of the opposite wing. That works but after releasing the second bomb then bang you are again completely unbalanced from that initial trimming. Instead of waisting time re-trimming again...you just press a TRIM RESET key sequence and the jet is quickly stable again. Very convenient! TRIM RESET is just a convenience function...thats it! It is useful especially on ground runs. In AA engagement it is not needed so much unless you deliberately release all your (say) left missiles!?! But
  7. Infectedd, what are your machine and device (HOTAS) specifications? I'm asking because when I ran DCS on my old PC (~1+ month ago) I also noticed problems with the throttle curve. But since I upgrade to a way better gaming PC that problem went away with a same HOTAS (...TM Cougar Hotas).
  8. "There is no point for the tail hook in the DCS F-16C to be modeled until they add cables on the runways." ...why add cables to the runways. Just go land it on a carrier! Check your F-16 external details (if you purchased it). It does have a tail hook modeled on it's rear underside. Also, their is a tail hook control switch inside it's 3D cockpit. My point is....why does it not work!?! My guess is that it will be made available soon...once they iron out other more important issues. Hope I'm right as it would be quite cool to land the Viper on a carrier....just like in BMS433/43
  9. I customized the control keystrokes for the tail hook deployment in the Viper and also tried activating it via the cockpit switch and nothing seems to happen. The tail hook is modeled on the jet but it just doesn't seem to deploy. Is this a bug? Or is this feature still in the works for the F-16? Thanks for any informative replies.... Everest...out!
  10. Thanks...guess we all need to wait this out. It should be a really cool release! Just gotta stay patient. Everest...Out!
  11. And where are the MFD colors? Are color MFDs in Falcon4 BMS a cheat implementation? Do the real F-16 Vipers have color MFD displays. My guess is that YES they do have color displays. And having vivid color MFD displays in the DCS F-16 would probably solve some readability issues. ...just a thought and a wish for improvement! Everest...Out!
  12. I come from the Falcon4 BMS sim world and a nice to have feature is TRIM RESETTING. FACTS: My guess is that TRIM RESET is not a standard feature in any of the DCS planes that are available and it is probably not available in any real airplane. Heck, even a real Cessna 150 doesn't have a TRIM RESET button!!! SIMULATORS ARE FOR FUN: TRIM RESETTING would be a cool convenient feature! For example, suppose you are carrying 2 x 500lbs bombs on your Viper (1 on each wing) and release one of them. When that happens, your jet is completely unbalanced. During your egress you need to seriousl
  13. I just purchased the supper carrier module and was wandering if I could test it. Since it is not released to production yet, can it still be tested on a DCS OpenBeta installation? THX for letting me know... Everest...Out!
  14. Good idea and I guess my error. Didn't realize I had posted in the KA-50 wishlist section. This message has been duplicated and added as thread in the General/DCS 2.5/Wishlist section of the forum. Thanks for the tip! Everest
  15. ...original of this post was added in KA-50 wishlist section of forum :no_sad: oops, so here it is now for general DCS 2.5 wishlist section. Hope more eyes get to see it and vote (by replying YES, YES....please do it soon YES!). :pilotfly: Having a new helicopter flight model such as the AH-64 Apache Longbow would be a cool development direction. I am sure that many flyboys (and flygirls) from the Americas would really dig this. Just can't seem to forget (I think it was...) Micropros Longbow AH-64 simulator back in the days of Voodoo graphic cards (1990's!). Are there any such plans for
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