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  1. New update out - seems to be the fix for your problem DCS Open Beta (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  2. F18 same AIM 120 B/C messed up. TWS here / STT not yet tested
  3. One thing is interesting: It happend to me only in Bankler's case 1 Trainer Mission. Is ist possible the .miz file causes the crash?
  4. Hi Flappie! Crashed again today. Please check the logfiles. Will remove my GPU overclock now in afterburner and try again. Game used to run stable for a very long time with the settings I used. Honestly I doubt, that the reason is the GPU overclock. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate that! dcs.log dcs.log-20201127-165207.zip
  5. Same here CTD..... same settings as I used for a long time without a single crash....... dcs.log dcs.log-20201127-165207.zip
  6. Klingt ja ganz nett und ich überlege mir schon länger einen zu holen. Ich fürchte aber mit den Frachtkosten nach Österreich bin ich fast beim selben Preis wie wenn ich ab Werk bestelle. Hast du ihn genauso wie auf dem Bild, oder hast du die kleine Baseplate für den Warthog Stick - die hätte ich nämlich gerne um den Stick für die Hornet zwischen den Beinen zu montieren.
  7. Aaaahhh Flav is your username, isn't it? Stupid me :doh::thumbup:
  8. Do you mean this path: C:\Users\Northface\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta???? I can't find the FLAV path you posted. Thank you very much for your help!
  9. Is this an GPU error or something with the temp files? GPU is slightly overclocked, but never crashed until today.
  10. Please try again: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vew...ew?usp=sharing But i tried to open the zip and winzip can't dcs.log dcs.log-20201121-162947.zip
  11. Training with Bankler's case 1 trainer - crash to desktop. Any Ideas out of the log files? Log zip here: next post
  12. Did you enter an altitude? JTAC says 1200. I guess feet not meters. Thank you :thumbup:
  13. So Fang, what exactly did you enter in the UFC to hit with the JDAM?
  14. Guess I will have to convert it also, because JDAM needs DD MM SS.SS I guess I am simply to stupid to calculate N 30 30 04 / E 47 48 04 the right way :doh: I get N 30 30 02 40 / E 47 48 02 40 if I multiply by 60. If I enter it here http://www.legallandconverter.com/p50.html I get 30° 30.067' N 47° 48.067' E So ho w do I convert the right way into DD MM SS.SS ? Thanks Guys!
  15. Also have problems! JTAC gives me N 30 30 04 / E 47 48 04 Elevation 1200 Feet??? converting for JDAM PP Mode to N 30 30 02 40 / E 47 48 02 40 Target Diamond is somwhere where no building is. I dont get this
  16. Can confirm this! Not working in 16 and 18! But it was mentioned in the changelog that they fixed it: DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED AIM-9L/M Tone loss - fixed AIM-9X jitter - fixed NVG appears without color - fixed. No fighter-fighter data link in MP for clients - fixed
  17. For me neither! NVG are not working in last OB. Did not work in the Beta before too. Stable no problem.
  18. +1 I have the same problem. But some guys simply tell me that my setup is wrong. But it works in stable. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=283579
  19. latest OB an latest Stable. very interesting, seems that I am the only one who has the problem
  20. My setting works in stable! The shift you see is because I use a target script (gizzys profile) Don't have to hold shift on the kb. It works in stable, and also the F16 works with that mapping in OB. So something seems to be wrong with the last patch.
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