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  1. I've printed@propeler 's gimbal and ordered the bearings. I've ordered the 180kv motors that@walmis suggested. I got a couple of quotes for the sheet metal in@propeler 's design. $300+ here in the us! The tapped holes add a lot of labor cost because they can't be plasma drilled and then tapped due to metal hardening. So they have to be manually placed, drilled and tapped. Doubling the cost. No good. @walmis are you willing to share your mdf case stls or should I design something similar for myself? Also@walmis I suspect your board design will work with those new motors just fine? If so I'll order a couple of them for myself so you can have another "tester". I'm so grateful for all the work you guys have put into this. Can't wait to get another ffb stick up and running! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  2. Oh my... So these are 170KV motors for $28.20 with Hall sensors included??? I can get them on ebay shipped for $48/ea. My guess is that these cheapo motors are only usable because of your de-cogging controllers (which are AMAZING!). AND re-terminating them to wye makes them 1.7x more powerful? You are DEFINATELY on to something here. I'm just ordered a pair of these now as they are so cheap and shipping from China is a month out.
  3. I agree on belts for safety. It is my assumption that the hoverboard motors don't need gear reduction as they are so strong. I guess if I am right about that, the need for belts might be even greater... That said, as I am reworking my design for under seat motors, it appears that smaller motors with grear reduction might be preferable anyway. The 6.5" diameter bell housing is tough to fit in a small package. And motors with grear reduction will obviously provide much higher resolution on the encoders. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  4. @walmis this is great! I wonder wye (pun) hobby motor designers would use the less powerful delta winding? What are the trade-offs? Probably higher current draw (and faster battery use) with wye?
  5. Hey guys, new here. LOVE this thread. Thank you to the giants that got the ball rolling here. Love the idea of direct drive hoverboard motors because they are cheap and powerful. I'm dabbling with the idea of building a p51 simpit, and think it would be best for my design if the motors were under the seat. In the p51 drawing below, you can see the arrangement of the controls. They didn't use a 2 axis gimbal like a HOTAS joystick does, the roll and the pitch pivot points are on two different planes (pitch axis is at the the bottom and roll axis is 115 mm above). I think this could lead to a simpler/cheaper/strong design for hoverboard motors than a 2 axis gimbal. I'm not sure I like my design yet, but I wanted to share it with you all for feedback.. I'd like to 3d print most of the parts, use a single cheap bearing size for all the pivot points. The stick shaft would be 30mm extruded aluminum and I'd put a Thrustmaster warthog adapter at the top of the stick. But in my case, I plan to print a custom ww2 style joystick that is tm wh compatible. The case would be made of interlocking laser cut 3mm mdf or just sheet metal like @propeller26 is using.. not sure yet. The total case height would be about 200mm or 8" (the real p51 has about 8" between the seat bottom and floorboard, so it would just fit.) I would appreciate your feedback. You all are obviously more capable engineers that me.
  6. +1 this would be awesome! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  7. Got it. That's a smart short term fix! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  8. Well, for what it's worth, I WAS running the develop branch in 2.5.5 and things seemed to be reporting correctly. A correction to my post above, I don't think I had mcdelaney's PR: https://github.com/mrSkortch/DCS-SLmod/pull/47 installed correctly during my last test... I just re-installed the patched version and will run for another day and see what happens, maybe that will correct things, maybe it's unreleated. Regardless, I'm hoping I'll be able to find the time to learn a little about how the slmod works and give you a hand.
  9. I upgraded to 2.5.6 DCS server and installed the slmod Pull Request: https://github.com/mrSkortch/DCS-SLmod/pull/47 submitted by mcdelaney that has the fixes for 2.5.6. The events log is reporting kills like this: slmod.events[51] = { ["initiatorPilotName"] = "XXX", ["target_coalition"] = "red", ["targetMissionID"] = 139, ["initiator_z"] = 669000.79254536, ["initiator_y"] = 1316.4016346609, ["numtimes"] = 1, ["target"] = "Pilot #019", ["initiator_name"] = "Pilot #072", ["target_z"] = 669299.54578171, ["initiatorMissionID"] = 130, ["targetPilotName"] = "YYYY", ["type"] = "kill", ["initiator_coalition"] = "blue", ["initiator"] = "Pilot #072", ["initiator_x"] = -285268.19869619, ["t"] = 36744.151, ["initiator_objtype"] = "P-51D-30-NA", ["target_y"] = 130.90810894461, ["target_id"] = 16779011, ["target_name"] = "Pilot #019", ["initiatorID"] = 16780034, ["target_x"] = -285361.24761569, ["stoptime"] = 36744.151, ["target_objtype"] = "Bf-109K-4", ["weapon"] = "", } While the slstats (in json) for the same initiator pilot that got the kill above reports. Notice the kill count is 171. It should be 1. "c271d94d2b856553fa4c5b098bdf4e54": { "times": { "P-51D-30-NA": { "total": 1160.455, "weapons": { "Browning .50 M2": { "hit": 0, "kills": 171, "shot": 536, "numHits": 24 } }, "inAir": 1160.455, "losses": { "crash": { "pilotDeath": 0, "crash": 3, "eject": 0 } }, "kills": { "Planes": { "Attack": 171, "total": 171 } } } }, "joinDate": 1581994485, "lastJoin": 1581995728, "id": 2, "names": [ "YYYY" ] }, I also noticed error many this in the slmd log 1209.617 SLMOD ERROR: error in stats, could not match target unit in hit event with a mission editor unit name. Could it be a map object? Event Index: 63 Is this the "problem" with the ww2 stats?
  10. Holy cow, I didn't even know this existed. Interestingly the OpenBeta dedicated server doesnt have this directory.. Had to go to my full install from my desktop version. Perfect, thanks for the background.. This is just enough information to get me going. And Grimes, the slmod event log looks great! Cant wait to get this working and share with you all
  11. Grimes, thanks so much for the response and the way you are contributing to the community through this and other projects. Philstyle, I agree on the team kill stats. My server, personal interest and and flying buddies are all about WW2. Attributing team kills would be very cool. I'll see if I can walk first, then run. Great! I'll try that, and see if the export can be used for my purposes. Where can a person can read documentation form ED (or anywhere else) on the game interface? Or have people figured out most of this through reverse engineering?
  12. Thanks philstyle.. I think I have a good (and simple) way to read the Slmodstats.lua file and produce json files that are easy for javascript to use.. But from what I can tell, the slmodstats.lua doesn't contain information about who killed whom.. Lots of GREAT things about number of kills, deaths, with which weapon etc. Just nothing (again that I can see) about who killed whom. Are you you guys getting who killed whom from the slmodstats.lua (and I am blind) or is it coming from somewhere else in DCS? Thanks for your help! (love your videos too!) I'll likely open source whatever I come up with.. Whether it is useful to others or crap. :-)
  13. Hey all, new server admin here. I have slmod working and I am really impressed. I hope that I can contribute to this project in some way going forward. I am working on a stats page now. I am currently reading each of the stats files with dofile() then serializing the output into json and storing the json files in AWS s3 every 5 minutes or so, which works great. It will making writing a single page js based web app with those stats pretty easy. But I'd like to capture who killed whom and display that on the web page as well... That information isn't in the slmod stats that I can see, and I'm not sure where to find that information. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! - Sockeye
  14. Magic, thanks for the kind words. I agree that teamwork is absolutely critical to succeeding in the 51. The 362nd does a great job of training new recruits so that everybody understands how to work together. Team comms is absolutely critical to that system. I am really privileged to get to fly with and learn from the Sr guys in the 362nd. That said, I personally would not want discord to be required on bs. With discord, you can only be on one voice channel at a time. We as a squadron depend on using our private discord for squad ops before, during and after the game. It would be distracting if non squad members were jumping on the channel and participating without knowing how we communicate and operate. I recognize that this leaves others who aren't in the squad out of the loop. Which is frustrating for lone wolves or new players who don't have anyone to work with. Not speaking for the 362nd, but I personally would support requiring srs or v even better for in game comms where multiple channels can exist. Squads could then still use discord on the side, but it would allow players on the same team near each other to coordinate in an ad hoc fashion. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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