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  1. DCS (somewhat unnecessarily) pushes hardware closer to its limits than most other games do and you're more likely to unearth issues with your hardware you didn't know exist, be it heat dissipation issues, power supply problems or something else. DCS by itself does not break computers. If you start "optimizing" your Windows settings and mess up your OS because of that, you can't really blame the software vendor. If you start "optimizing" your CPU or GPU clock speeds, don't (unless you're talking about built-in features in various "OC"/"XT" series GPUs or Intel CPUs that are supposed
  2. I remember seeing another thread about sea state vs wind speed in 2.5.6, and the general consensus of both aviators and sailors was that the waves on open seas were way too high for given wind speeds. Hence, the current implementation in 2.7 can be considered an upgrade until we get a separate sea state slider or the coastline proximity is taken into account in the weather model.
  3. Replying to myself: Today's (Wed 2020-04-21) Radeon update removed the reprojection-independent stutter for me. It also fixed a ton of other shenanigans in the compulsory Adrenalin crapware, so I highly suggest hitting that update button. Note that DX11 mode still needs to be enabled in WMR for SteamVR settings. But at least it's working now...
  4. 11700KF, 6900XT and 64 GB of 3600 MHz DDR4, and the game is unplayable due to microstuttering caused by broken reprojection on the Reverb G2 with the same graphics settings as on my previous rig (10600K and 2070S) on 2.5.6. With "unplayable" here I mean that my eyes literally hurt after a few minutes of playing and make me want to rip the HMD off my head. I've spent five full evenings trying to find the correct settings to no avail.
  5. I'm not entirely sure about the configuration file. Change "Motion Smoothing" to "Disabled" in the SteamVR GUI (like in the lower screenshot). Then grab your VR controller. go to the cyan and black WMR Settings menu (via the goggles icon in the lower left corner in the SteamVR overlay) and make sure that reprojection has been changed to either "disabled" or "per-app". Playing without motion smoothing will be a pain if you're used to reprojection being on.
  6. Gotcha! I can trigger this issue reliably by slotting into about any heavy mission, including heavier single player missions. Disabling reprojection fixes this. Switching between legacy and normal reprojection mode has no effect.
  7. Alright. Found the culprit. It's not C101EBSys.dll whose loading fails, but its dependency C101FM.dll. The GetLastError return value 53 just propagates through. Removing network paths from the user's PATH env fixes the DLL loader. Normally PATH would be very last place to be crawled, but apparently the C-101 uses a custom DLL loader for easier development & debugging. Ironically enough, the tools that triggered this issue are the very same ones I ended up using to debug it.
  8. What bugs me is the error message "The network path was not found" which suggests that my E: drive was on a network share. It's an NTFS partition on a local NVMe drive and without any junction points or other trickery whatsoever. Permissions for the DCS installation directory have not been touched either.
  9. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I've already tried the following with Windows Defender: Excluding E:\DCS\ (the installation directory) and the Saved Games profile directory Excluding the whole dcs.exe process Disabling real-time protection altogether.
  10. I'm unable to fly the C-101 at all. When starting a single player mission I get thrown to the map instead of the cockpit; in multiplayer the slots are light blue like other available aircraft but cannot be selected. According to logs the C101EBSys.dll EFM file is missing but it exists on the hard drive. I've tried the usual repair and logout/login troubleshooting steps. Windows 10 Defender does not detect the file as malware nor does it quarantine it, and other programs such as 7-Zip are able to read the contents. Other aircraft work just fine. See the attached file from a quicksta
  11. 15 years and you still can't spell the guy's name right. It's Kegetys or Kege for short, not Kegety.
  12. I've used the 1000 lb rule: 1000 lbs for initial taxi and climb to cruise altitude. Less if you don't have to wait. 1000 lbs per 100 miles of cruise 1000 lbs per 10 minutes of playtime With a steady left hand, these are conservative estimates with some built-in safety margin.
  13. No, people should not be able to ruin other folks' public multiplayer sessions by trucking 4 HARMs or 12 Mavericks. Limit them to two and four, respectively. However, I believe there is a third option that will keep most* players happy: Allow the Viper to carry and fire smart weapons on inner pylons, if they have explicitly been pre-loaded in the .miz itself. At the same time, prevent players from choosing those weapons in the in-game rearm dialog. It used to work for the Ka-50, so I don't see why it could not be used in this case. If the mission creator explicitly wants that loado
  14. That's what TAC-000 says and what I and you in your original post pointed out, indeed. Sorry, I don't quite follow you. The manual specifically used the word "zeroed" in the context of ARBS/DMT/LST. If a code has not been entered or it has been zeroed, LST is not available. 1111 is the default only for external hardpoints, i.e. TPOD and LMAVs, and the code is valid regardless whether it's in the missile seeker by default or if it has been entered. Furthermore, the codes are not bidirectionally linked. Setting the AC/system/ARBS/DMT/LST (or whatever you want to call it) co
  15. The magic number 1111 is mentioned in two places in TAC-000.2002: Page 2-164, which is about is about LMAV codes and the SMS, not ARBS/LST. Nothing about "zeroed" codes, mentions that 1111 is the "default" code. Page 1-392, which is about TPOD. Nothing about "zeroed" codes here either, 1111 is the "default" code upon pod power-up. Nothing about W-on-W logic. The wording in the TPOD section suggests that neither TPOD nor LMAV can have their codes unset so they default to 1111. Meanwhile, the aircraft itself can have a "zeroed" code, and the scratchpad should be empty ("previ
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