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  1. Thanks alot! I will definately check that out!
  2. Changed the stick and panelmounting to adjust for distanse and forward stick movement in order to sit closer to the panel without the stick hitting. Some small visual details missing before moving on to side panels.
  3. Its been a while but I have slowly made some progress. The front part is almost complete. Note that I havent taken the time or effort to paint all the text white since. It also lacks some visual details that i might do later. At the moment im working on getting the right distance to the panel without the stick hitting the panel. I have to limit the forward pitch and shorten the distance from the seat to the frontpanel. Regarding the buttons It turned out difficult to laserengrave the original buttons so I had to cnc new ones and engrave after painting. Turned out to be pretty nice.
  4. Ive just printed these (Thanks Jself!!) and Ive spent around 4-5kg. All depends on infill and the use of support.
  5. Hi! Does anyone have files (STL/OBJ) for printing the different hornet knobs? I have a few but missing most from the left and right panels. Much appreciated! Sparkles
  6. I have a full Next level racing rig and using VR. Have started building a cockpit around it so havent used it alot yet. But I think its awsome in both helis and planes! NLR software is a blast to use. The only thing im missing is the option to have the motion use G-force telemetry instead of pitch/roll. (Does when you are on the ground though) Feel free to PM me for questions. Link to my build:
  7. Thanks! Today ive fiddled alot with mounting of the stick. At the first pictures it was mounted too close to the panels:( So now I have moved them further apart and also adding stiffness to the structure. Although not perfect, its good enough to move on. Jeffs original mounting hole for the rods that goes into the structure was in inches. Very hard to find square rods in inches. So i used some threaded rods instead and printed some guides that make them fit perfect. More parts arrive today so maybe I soon can start with wires and electronics. Feel free to c
  8. Hi all! Just wanted to share my building process so far. It is based on the Next level racing motion traction plus and gt-track seat. For cockpit design im using John Self`s 3d printed design. A huge thanks to his great work! https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/236378-3d-printed-hornet-front-panel-vr Just remember that this is not made to be replica and function is more important then looks:) ) Also thanks to Brun for his UFC design https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/186771-hornet-ufc-potentially I have followed most of the steps in Jself`s instru
  9. How did this work out for you? Im struggeling with the same.. Trying to use the extended input support but its a little confusing as I dont know how to use the actual commands. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305225/ Thanks
  10. I cant seem to find out where to select the stored heading alignment button in the HSi. Any help on that? Thanks
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