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  1. I did some more tests after a second try with DDU, and suddendly I started seeing how MSAA works. I suppose that the key step has been DDU, but how knows...
  2. You are right, I will try to report the problem. Yes, I also deleted the complete folder...
  3. But if I'm the only one that has this problem, I'm not sure that we can consider this as a bug...
  4. Yes, I tried with a completely clean DCS installation, but before DDU. In the past I remember that DCS restarted automatically changing the MSAA setting, but now you have to do manually. Today I will do some more tests.
  5. I have used DDU but nothing changed. Even if I set MSAA x4, the GPU frametime does not change...
  6. Yes, I supposed that MSAA should correct the shimmering created by the shader mod. That's why I realised that something was wrong with it. I will test that this night.
  7. also tried... I'm using the NVCP default settings. I will try the DDU, maybe it works. There is another thing that I have found, after I reinstalled the kegetys VR shader mod, I started seeing previous shimmering. I think it has nothing to do with the MSAA problem, but I noticed some degradation with this mod. I have also reinstalled the universal shader mod.
  8. Hi, I have been using some DCS settings with MSAA disabled for gaining performance, but after installing some new shaders, I wanted to try again MSAA x2. But I have realized that even if I enable or disable it, I get the same visual quality. I have reinstalled the Nvidia 3090 drivers, and I have also reinstalled a clean DCS. The result is exactly the same. The next step is reinstalling windows... Any hint? Many thanks
  9. Just an update, I have changed the MSAA mask to 1.0, with the same result.
  10. I was doing some tests with this mod (really awesome), and wanted to try again MSAA. But if I enable it or disable from DCS, the final result is the same. As Imacken says, it is very noticeable in the A2A radar DDI. My base settings are from SOH, but I enabled AA in the control panel. I have also changed the settings to their default values. But nothing. Does something changed?
  11. Hi, This mod can be used together with the Kegetys mod? Or they must be used separately? Thanks!
  12. Thank you for the response. So you limit the 10900K for using just 4 cores at maximum speed. I will do some testing.
  13. Thanks for the info, very interesting. What is your 10900K overclock configuration?
  14. Yes, I know, I guess there is a global enabler for AA functions. I'm just using the PG instant mission where it is easy to notice the shimmering, this is why I'm relatively sure that MSAA is not enabled.
  15. I'm trying to enable AA using the base provided by Big Newey, but I don't find the correct settings in the nvidia CP. My goal is to enable MSAA and see the performance, but I don't see any difference when I enable in DCS, so it seems that I have not enabled in the nvidia settings.
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