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  1. (☭ 100th KIAP and 51st PVO ☭) [RU] MiG-29A x2, CAP 1987, Soviet Air Forces a/b 1521 (Mary-1), [100☭] Breakshot [51☭] Yambo [RU] Su-27 x4, CAP 1987, Kilpyavr AFB (Maresyev), [100☭] Coxy [100☭] BlackPixxel [51☭] Frostie [51☭] Rich [RU] EWR Thanks!
  2. Thanks for hosting! Despite the low blue turn out we all still had a good time.
  3. ☭ 100th KIAP and 51st PVO ☭ [RU] Su-27 x2, CAP 2010, Air Force Standard [RU] Su-33 x4, CAP 2010, t-10k-5 test paint scheme [51☭] Frostie [51☭] Rich [51☭] Rys [100☭] Breakshot [100☭] BlackPixxel [100☭] Coxy Apologies for the late signup
  4. Squadron Air to Air Championship The 51st PVO & 100th KIAP are proud to announce SATAC 2021 - which will take place from October through December. Once a year, the 51st PVO stages a Championship called SATAC (Squadron Air to Air Championship). SATAC's current focus is to bring back a fair and prestigious platform for competitive Air to Air sportsmanship; where all squadrons/airframes are invited. This event dates back to 2011, when the first SATAC was organised. We would like to keep up this tradition by inviting all competitive Air to Air squads to fly against the best DCS has to offer in the most immersive and realistic combat environment. With the format below, we hope to encourage the use of all weapon types (ARH/SARH/IR), dissimilar air combat tactics (DACT), and for all modern DCS aircraft to play their unique roles in the event. The sign-up deadline is the 1st of October. The event is expected to continue for no longer than 3 months, depending on the number of participating squads. Format 6 vs 6, thus we highly recommend having reserves. Expect to fly shorthand against a fully rostered opposition if you don't have 6 pilots ready by match time. A mercenary reserve pool is currently being considered for teams short on pilots. If this sounds interesting to you, put your name forward in the SATAC 2021 channel on the 51st PVO Discord (Links below). Squadrons can field more than one team if they wish All fourth-generation aircraft will be made available: F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, JF-17, M2000, MIG-29, Su-27, Su-33, J-11. Airframe selection is permanent during individual matches. Teams must choose a set line up for each game and stick with those aircraft. You may not change the airframe line up between rounds of a match. E.g. choosing 4xF15, 2xSu27 cannot be altered until the next match. There will be an engagement bubble centred on bullseye, which opposing squads must control to win the round. Once you enter the bubble, you must not exit until the opposing team has been neutralised. Stay within the engagement bubble till the opposition is destroyed. Once you leave the bubble, you cannot re-enter. You will be warned as you approach the edge of the bubble. As an aircraft enters the bubble, a 5-minute timer will begin where all aircraft must be inside the bubble in that time. Any team with aircraft outside the bubble after the 5 minutes will forfeit the round. At least one pilot from the winning team must return to the home base in order to claim victory for that round. If aircraft take off with an invalid weapon and then fires said weapon or enters the bubble, that round is forfeit for the offending team. RTB's are allowed to correct mistakes with payload or aircraft systems as long as said aircraft hasn't entered the bubble. Disconnected players are allowed to re-join and take off again as long as his/her's aircraft did not enter the bubble. Matches will be best of 3 in the preliminary rounds, and best of 5 in knockout rounds. AWACS and datalink support will be available during preliminary rounds only. No datalink or non-player BRAA calls during knockout rounds. Qualifying teams will win a LotAtc key (https://www.lotatc.com/) courtesy of DArt and will need to register a GCI officer. A neutral GCI officer will be provided if a squad is unable to field one. Communications with the GCI officer will be handled through SRS. We can not define every rule due to DCS' constant updates and complexities. Teams should refrain from doing anything that may be considered unsporting or not to the spirit of competition. Payload Maximum: 4x Active radar homing missiles (all types), 4x R-27ER's. No AIM-9X, No Air to Ground weapons (The F-14's TALD's are exempt from this). Weather Variable weather: Clouds, wake, wind, and time of day. Selected by dice roll during scheduling. Prizes 1st place team will win the free choice of six unreleased/released modules from each sponsor supporting SATAC 2021. 2nd and 3rd place teams will win the free choice of six released modules from each sponsor supporting SATAC 2021. Squads that reach the knock-out phase will win one key from LotAtc and Tacview. Sponsors The 51st PVO & 100th KIAP are sincerely grateful to all those who are supporting SATAC 2021! Eagle Dynamics, Magnitude 3, Razbam, Heatblur, Tacview, LotATC. Registration Please register as a squad here, citing squad name, aircraft selection, individual pilot callsigns, and their location/Zulu time (for match scheduling purposes). Squads are also encouraged to register a GCI officer. We highly recommend having reserves. For example: Squadron Name: 51st PVO // 100th KIAP Aircraft Selection: Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29 Pilot Roster: [51☭] Frostie (+1 Zulu) Su27 [51☭] Teknetinium (+2 Zulu) Su27 Etc. Further discussion and announcements are to be held on the SATAC channel in the 51st PVO Discord, which can be found here: https://discord.gg/R4sYCNrnym We look forward to hosting you in SATAC again. Sign up, and fight's on! https://logwork.com/countdown-qzzy
  5. Squadron: 51st PVO // 100th KIAP Timezone: 16:00z - 21:00z Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria
  6. Seems in the latest patch there is a big desync in multiplayer regarding the Aim-120's loft on targets that have ECM on. The shooter sees his missile unable to loft, while the defender sees the shooter's missiles lofting. Aim120MutiplayerDesync - Defender.acmi Aim120MutiplayerDesync - Shooter.acmi Aim120MutiplayerDesync - Defender.trk Aim120MutiplayerDesync - Shooter.trk
  7. Will R-27 also be corrected and use PN instead of pure pursuit when HOJ?
  8. I always see missile introduction date argued here as the main way of comparing capability between missile so I apologize if this doesn't follow. Can you go into more detail on "if it uses a lofting technique to deal with it"?
  9. Can 120's loft against a jamming target in reality? Deka's SD-10 doesn't loft on a jamming target and is a newer missile
  10. Any ETA on when the AIM-120 will receive HOJ effects?
  11. [51☭] Rich - Red Navy - Su-33
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