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  1. [51☭] Rich - Red Navy - Su-33
  2. I'm just going to reiterate my point I made a few months back and say that nobody from all sides is happy with the current implmentation of chaff, and it should just be removed until ED is ready to rework it into something that resembles reality.
  3. I would also recommend doing some testing with real players as criteria for decoying changes depending on if it's AI or an actual player that's doing the launching or defending.
  4. We can argue until the cows come home on how much "dice roll" a missile should or shouldn't have to chaff where at the end of the day the underlying issue is how radar missiles react to chaff in the first place that doesn't match reality. I think interactions with chaff should just be outright disabled Until ED is willing to dedicate the time to overhaul how radar missiles interact with it. Nighthawk has a good post on Hoggit that shares the same sentiment. An emphasis on kinematically defeating missiles should be the main approach, as mechanical physics leave a lot less to interpretation, unt
  5. ☭ 100 KIAP and 51st PVO ☭ Russia, Su-27, Air Force Standard Russia, Su-33, 279th kiap 2nd squad navy Russia, MiG-29S, Termez AFB, 115th Guards Aviation Regiment [51☭] Rich [51☭] Frostie [51☭] Yambo (P) [100☭] Breakshot [100☭] BlackPixxel [100☭] Coxy [100☭] Pyramid (K) Thanks :thumbup:
  6. 2x Su27 for [100☭] Rich and [51☭] Atlas, Cheers :thumbup: Rich
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