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  1. Занавес для обучения полетам по приборам
  2. Я искал 4-5 последовательных посадок, потому что мне нужны не просто избранные успешные примеры. Ironhand загрузил свой * .trk файл и благодарит его!
  3. Nice, thank you so much Ironhand!
  4. зхуков032186 I just want to see how those who are successful in flying the MiG 29 do it. Unfortunately, I fail to control the DCS MiG29. No one is forcing you to upload a * .trk file with a flight recording. That would only be a help to us who are not coping with that aircraft.
  5. Спасибо, но мне не нужны короткие последовательности успешной посадки. Мне нужен полный полет от взлета до посадки с полными кругами и заходами на посадку (touch and go).
  6. Northstar98 I wasn't looking for a video, but a * .trk file. I don't need successful landing sequences. I was looking for a complete flight from takeoff to (touch and go) landing. Nobody wants to post that. What is the problem?
  7. Gierasimov, I would be very grateful if you could record a * .trk file in which you make 4-5 connected traffic circuits (with landing) on the MIG-29 and set it up for download. hank you!
  8. Красивая посадка VanekK30! Буду очень признателен, если вы сохраните файл * .trk, в котором вы делаете 4-5 связанных полетов по кругу (с посадкой) и настроите его для загрузки. Спасибо!
  9. On Google earth Secret airbase.kmz
  10. Will the improved visibility of the other instruments in the new cockpit be like an accelerometer?
  11. Problem fixed, thanks!:thumbup:
  12. How to solve the problem with the textures on the cockpit glass. Everything was normal, but after some of the upgrades, the left half is in rainbow colors.
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