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  1. Yeah, barrel rolls are fun. Uploaded a short vid on youtube. The first roll is nice, the second is ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47ImxzXy8EA :pilotfly: Edit: Only the HQ Vid works. Dunno why the standart is broken.
  2. There are many simmers out there; chopper-simmer, tank-simmer, plane-simmers...when all these guys meet at one server, group into two teams and fight with choppers, tanks, ships and infantry...hell, thats what I would call a Digital Combat Simulator.
  3. I use the Saitek EVO and configured the SHKVAL laser to shift (on the stick) + hat.
  4. I can't see a copter at these screenshots. Just bushes, trees and streets ;) Great camo.
  5. Hi, I have a strange problem with the SHKVAL laser. I'm in hover mode, shooting some unarmed targets and after a few shots, the SHKVAL goes totally crazy. It moves permanently up and down and left and right. When I center the cam it moves back to center but subsequently it moves up or down or wherever again - like it's chasing ghosts or flies. Automatic turn on target is on and pointing/clicking with the HMS or the SHKVAL on a target won't stop that dancing cam/laser. Rebooting the SHKVAL, ABRIS and INU won't help, too. When the systems are back online the cam goes wild again.
  6. Kann mir kaum vorstellen, dass die deutschen Bücher für Kunden der englischen Version Tabu sind. Für die Kunden mit der russischen Version, kann man ja auch hier ganz offiziell das englische Manual runterladen. Schreib doch mal dem Admin hier ne nette Mail. Vielleicht laden sie zusätzlich zur Englischen, noch die deutsche Version hier hoch.
  7. Hi, my first Ka-50 ModMan skin is ready for takeoff. The Guts 'n' Pieces aka The Shit Catapult is designed for paramilitary Rambo style kamikaze pilots from hell. Thanks to RCN_Moose and MadTommy for their great guides. More Screenshots: http://structed.com/stuff/images/guts-big.jpg Download: http://structed.com/stuff/downloads/guts.rar (and soon on LockOn-Files) Hope you like it, Jay
  8. Hi, ich hab jetzt bestimmt ein halbes Dutzend Läden abtelefoniert - alle haben BS nur auf Deutsch. Weiß jemand, wo ich es auf englisch bekomme? Also DVD, kein Download (den hab ich schon). Gruß, Jay
  9. A fully working TANK addon would be nice. Clickable cockpit, different positions (gunner, driver, commander, MG...). Great improvement for multiplayer battles.
  10. I got it. Seems Modman added the Test Skin twice to BS. There are two "Test Skin" templates in the editor skin pulldown menu. One with uncomplete skin.lma7 and one with the new completed skin.lma7 I dont know why there are two Test Skins, but the second is working and is complete. I didn't changed the color_scheme. Interesting, that Modman added the same skin twice with different skin.lma7 files. Thanks a lot (again), Moose.
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