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    F-15E UFC poll

    2nd one, ngl, I do like the additional mfd (but now you'll probably have to make 2 now you've shown us this)
  2. This is overkill massively but you can take off from the Tarawa with max fuel, gunpod, tpod and 14 gbu 12 (obviously from the rear of the carrier) and it's an absolute slug and you have to be careful with it but you can do it
  3. thanks for the quick hotfix, I look forward to trying it out ingame :D
  4. Hi, just now I've had a couple of crashes, both have occurred in similar ways. Looking back at the DCS.log it mentions Link16 multiple times before the crash, I think it might be related to the Datalink. "2020-03-02 02:58:45.224 INFO Deka: JF-17: Link16_Receive: from 16779523, msg 'TADIL J,90,0,19999.98719,44.75357319,38.71132645,200.4926626,312.5379727,17414145,1000190,1,48,0,4093' 2020-03-02 02:58:45.224 INFO Deka: JF-17: tadil_j_msgparser[0] defined, Assumed value 0 2020-03-02 02:58:45.224 INFO Deka: JF-17: tadil_j_msgparser[1] defined, Assumed value 90" I've linked t
  5. I did have a support ticket regarding something similar before and it's been processing for 23 days and 8 hours. I'm not exactly impressed by it so far. :/ I've submitted another ticket though
  6. Ok, ill try that, you say you've already received your one?
  7. Hi, it's been over 110 days since I ordered the T50-CM2 throttle, is there any predicted dispatch / delivery dates?
  8. That's fantastic! Thank you so much Happy new year!
  9. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g6apH0-JNFhAT0VrRR92edHTg1mhTERK?usp=sharing I did a bit of testing and I didn't see any difference, I'll try to find the Tacview file, it's disappeared somewhere
  10. Hi, I'm just wondering, does the Harrier's Jamming pod work right now and if so how does it affect enemy SAMs / Radars
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