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  1. Looking for the constant peg mig 21 campaign thread…figured it would be here??
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the person receiving the ordinance
  3. Yep. Playing it now. I usually skip the first mission or two when they are practice or “fly here and then here”. Mission 3 seems odd. 2 minutes after launch to escort a recon flight, I’m told “flight is safe, return to base”. So I flew to the “new base”, landed and that was it. Who knows
  4. It’s out on steam now! Same with constant peg!! In fact, it says “released October 7”?? I bought it but not home to see if maybe it’s early release? Doesn’t look like i
  5. I think it’s any of the GBUs….laser guided or GPS. If you can choose between “instant” snd “delayed”, then you will get the penetration w/delay if you select “delayed” fusing. In other words, it doesn’t have to specifically be a “Penetrator” bomb like a GBU-24. May be limited to 1,000 or 2,000 pound bommbs; don’t know b/c I would drop anything but a 2,000lb bomb on a hardened shelter. So try the GBU-10 or the GBU-31(? Whatever the 2,000lb JDAM is)
  6. The British lost at least 5 tornadoes. 3 in the first three days. Only one to possible enemy aircraft https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1991-01-23-mn-762-story.html?_amp=true here Is a better list. 2 tornados lost attacking same airfield. 3 attacking airfields in general. I wasn’t suggesting the ordinance used made a difference, rather LOW LEVEL delivery of ordinance as executed by Tornado crews (and Most coalition aircraft the first night) http://www.ukserials.com/losses-1991.htm
  7. I think it applies to any with a delayed fuse…not just the GBU-31
  8. If you want fun, use Mk-82 snakeyes. In reality, you would likely get blown out of the sky flying low over the length of an enemy runway in a straight line: which is why no one does that (and why Tornado pilots took such heavy casualties in DS with their runway munitions). Modern Doctrine is to drop 2000lb GBU-31 jdams with a delayed fuse on the taxi-ways. Usually there are 3-4 bottlenecks that all aircraft must pass through coming from parking to any runway.
  9. This is happening to me as well. Losing tracks, icons and everything off of the top bar. Any movement on this?
  10. Hmmm…not so soon and no new updates. Not sure whats causing the delay but I’ve been looking forward to a good quality professional mig 21 campaign for awile. I also haven’t heard anything on the “constant Peg” mig 21 campaign that was also “finished and to be released soon” awile back
  11. I realize the mig 19 and mig 21 are both “red air”, but I find that they are a good match for eachother: the mig 21 having the thrust, climb and speed advantage but the 19 having the advantage in a turning engagement. and in fact, the two have been adversaries in a sense. The Pakistanis used the F-6 Chinese variant of the mig -19 in the 1974 war while the Indians used the mig-21. Can’t advise if they ever went head to head but at least it’s an example.
  12. I’m not sure the NVG picture (and litening pod picture as well) are as good as they should be. I know on Syria and Nevada maps, the ground is black. My only frame of reference are the NVGs I used regularly back in 1998-2002 with the Border Patrol…and those were army surplus from late 80’s. The view was much better than that in the game even with limited ambient light. Point is that I’m not sure it’s as hard to AAR with NVGs in real life I know in the F-18, there I’m is a light somewhere that highlights the basket when it’s close. Did it last night
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