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  1. Like so many other questions in this area, I guess the answer is “depends”. Are you firing on a hot target 12 miles away?...or 30? You said RNE so I assume it’s fairly close. I always make sure to select “hi” when I’ve got one targeted as it helps avoid losing lock. Other than waiting until your within 15 miles and keeping a good lock, i don’t know what the issue is. All I can say is that I continue to have good lock with aim-120Cs. Bs not AS much but likely around 50%. All seems ok for me but there are so many variables
  2. Having the same issue. Used the Groms for 6 months. No issue. After patch Radar beam won’t lock and missle won’t follow the beam regardless. Just an unguided rocket. Although I have not tried fiddling with popper realism and what not
  3. God....I WISH I had the time to learn the Viggen
  4. Dude....OP isn’t arguing accuracy vs reliability. He’s suggesting something has changed with the last patch and bombing is far less accurate than before; meaning something was changed
  5. If you’re looking at the chances of an aircraft delivering a JDAM onto a site protected by IADS based on experiences in DCS, you’re missing a critical element. DCS does not simulate electronic warfare. A modern western nation wouldn’t even think about attacking into an area defended by any air defense system without being accompanied by an EW capability. Even if you can decrease the range a system can lock, track and guide by 30-40%, it’s enough to get close enough to drop a JDAM. Nevermind of course the JSoW and JASM which extend range to dozens or 100’s of miles Not to mention that not e
  6. I’m very curious about the new gray filter. I haven’t looked through a pair of NVGs in 19 years but things definitely looked green
  7. I’m not sure that This: “ Helmet mounted device change: Added option in the ME aircraft property tab. Added ground crew comm.” ....is the same as “you can’t have NVGs If you have the joint helmet so make sure you ask ground crew. Just says “added option” No biggie. I should have searched the forum first anyway
  8. Fair enough. But I didn’t see it on the first page and I’m at work...so I didn’t scan. I didnt even see a search function on the thread but nothing came back on google. So, my apologies Forum mod: apologies....duplicate. Pls delete and I’ll be your best friend
  9. Where did I put those NVGs? Since last patch, I can’t access my NVGs for the Hornet; either using the bound key for “toggle NVG” or the stock “r-shift H”. Haven’t tried other planes but was something added I missed? If no one else has this then maybe it’s because I’m using a mission I made on the ME before the patch (why not? Makes my LGBs miss if I play on a pre-patch ME mission)
  10. Seems like it’s just not a thing in the Hornet. I use the slew method to create a CCRP but find the F-16s ability to allow the creation of a CCRP point upon pressing/holding weapon release to be very convenient when I’ve badly misjudged my dive or speed. Oh well
  11. Does the Hornet have a system like the F-16 where if you depress weapon release when the CCIP pipper is below your horizon, it creates a CCRP point where the mirrored release line was and releases when you are in the right spot to hit? I’ve tried but can’t get it to work so I don’t know if it’s operator error or not a thing
  12. Yep...just adjust speed and altitude to bring that pipper out in front
  13. ED’s decision on what versions to model are based on several things I’m sure....but they have said that one important consideration is the availability of information on the system. ED wants to be able to accurately model the system so they need enough publicly available info so make sure they do so. If a system is too new, then a lot of it is still classified-including capability. Of course, this didn’t appear to be a concern in bringing in the JF-17 and the future Eurofighter...but I’ve complained enough about that
  14. Ok then. Just something on my end. Loaded multiple time so it’s had time to do its thing
  15. Last time took 2:30 from clicking start in editor to mission load sceen. Then 6:40 from that to mission start. Most of it “waiting for pooled....[whatevers]. Mission has 6 aircraft and 10 vehicles. Not many tasks at all
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