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  1. +1 Microsoft flight simulator and X-Plane have some really good user created scenery. Would be cool to have something similar in DCS.
  2. The CH-53 would definately also be my personal favourite
  3. I would love to see flyable big helicopter in the game like a CH-53 or an UH-60. Even if it was a basic FC3 style model it would still be a great addition to DCS. What do you think about it ?
  4. I will check that thread ! Thanks for reply !:thumbup:
  5. Hey Folks, I've asked this before but still looking for a reply : Does anyone know if there are specific soundfiles in SimShaker for catapult launch and carrier wire trap ? You can set volume for these events in simshaker for aviators but i cannot find info about any linked soundfile in the simshaker software itself. Thanks for Info !:thumbup:
  6. In a condensed form, yes. Just read my first post ..... all I'm asking for is the possibility to add explanations to your images. Right now we have two seperate parts in the briefing : Text only and Images only
  7. Just tested it , you're right. :thumbup: Not working in the F-15 , but it works nice for the A-10A
  8. Well, this makes me think an enhanced briefing would really be useful. A lot of guessing and speculation in there. ;) .... maybe you don't really know what I mean. I have total respect for all new and completely unexperienced users. All I am asking for is to offer us a way for a more structured and detailed briefing that is easy to follow and understand both for experienced and unexperienced DCS simmers. I am refering to the structure of the briefing. How would you prefer to be briefed in real life : Someone who throws a bunch of papers on your table and says : Read this , t
  9. Alright, as of the last OB Update things don't work anymore as i posted above. In order to get the NVG in FC3 aircraft you will now have to edit (Tested with the A-10A) DCS World OpenBeta\Config\Input\Aircrafts\base_joystick_binding.lua and add : -- NVG {pressed = iCommandPlane_Helmet_Brightess_Down, name = "Gain goggles down", category = _('Sensors')}, {pressed = iCommandPlane_Helmet_Brightess_Up, name = "Gain goggles up", category = _('Sensors')}, {down = iCommandViewNightVisionGogglesOn, name = "Toggle goggles", category = _('Sensors')}, and for the keyboar
  10. I am in progress of creating a custom sound set for bass shakers. Is there a specific sound file for catapult launch and carrier wire trap ?
  11. Nope, all I am talking about is having the option to break the briefing text you provide up , so you can provide part of it while clicking through the images to make it easier to understand and to visualize part of the explanation text. We now have a block of text and a seperate block of pictures. Why not just combine both and provide pictures with some text underneath of it. It's a more effective way in passing information. :smilewink: Also sometimes it may be interesting to provide info in a format that's not overwhelming for new users. (BTW : The pictures above were not
  12. Thanks for your advice regarding combatflite ! :thumbup: I actually use it a lot , also to create briefings together with photoshop. However I ended up doing some PDF or PPT briefings many times for complex missions requiring a coordinated and well time execution for several flights. As a mission designer it's always easy to understand what should be done when , but I am looking for a way to present this to users in the game without having to rely on PDFs and other briefing sources. Having a long text with Timings, frequencies, callsigns and so on without a direct relation to th
  13. Now i get your point about modules like the P-51. I didn't even know that these don't offer "OFF" bindings for switches and you will certainly have to edit the lua files to get a definate ON/OFF binding. You could use an ON/OFF/ON switch an bind the Battery function to both ON positions , but without editing the lua switch function could then be reversed. So you certainly have my +1 on this topic now ! :thumbup:
  14. It would be great to see some enhanced briefing options when creating own missions. Similar to a powerpoint presentation so that you can add a text underneath each image that you add to your briefing. This way you could add comments to each image in your briefing and either explain a mission chronlogically or split for seperate groups that participate in the mission, show seperate routes or maybe just add some explanatory text to images that show targets.
  15. For the problem as you describe it i think that you might be using the wrong type of toggle switches for your desired functions. I have wired a complete F/A-18 Simpit (except the UFC) with 3 Bodnar BBI-64 boards and all switches and encoders are working just as they should without having edited any lines in a lua. However I needed to use more expensive ON/ON/ON toggle switches to get some functions work without coding. You can send me a PM if you need any further info on this
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