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  1. WIP , I just switched over to a new computer and windows 10 and all my PSD files wont work with PSD 6.0 on windows 10 . So I am using my old computer so I can finish these up Bill
  2. Honestly if you post the pics of the scheme you want , I should be able to do the rest As best I can
  3. I should be able to do that Reccelow, I’ll finish up what I have and check the net for placards and logos etc Bill
  4. Working on a couple repaints, VAQ-133 and VAQ-142 , 1 desert and 1 urban color scheme . I can’t upload right now because it says my browser is out of date . Waiting on a new motherboard and a complete build in the next week or so. Also have VAQ-136 done so I’ll get these out to you guys ASAP Bill
  5. Flewpastu

    CH53 WIP

    USMC Ch53 "naked lady" and Camo . Still a Work In Progress Bill
  6. Thank you all for your kind words . Enjoy Bill
  7. Just uploaded The file and awaiting Moderator to Approve . Any criticism Positive or Negative is welcome . I will do requests if good pics or resources are available . Let me know what you think Bill
  8. I spent several months working on these , if there is any interest ill upload them .
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