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    Not a super useful weapon in DCS, I know, unless you intend to set up soldiers and bomb them. But historically accurate, and it would be neat as a curiosity.
  2. I'm in for the razorback. I like the bubble top model, but I love the razorback.
  3. Unfortunately, in module quality, the P-47 is far ahead of the Anton. It delivers the WWII experience that I had hoped that the Anton would.
  4. My understanding is that the boost lever essentially becomes your throttle after the throttle reaches the point where it is full forward and cannot maintain manifold pressure. Just manipulate the boost lever to select your desired MP, and make sure that when you're descending that you retard the boost so that you don't overspeed the turbine or damage the engine with high pressure...Perhaps this is incorrect? But I never feel the need to connect the boost and throttle levers.
  5. We need Rüstsatz kits, at least the Rammjaeger configurations. Plus a complete weapons complement. Plus complete engine cooling and modeling (though this may have been fixed in the last month, not sure).
  6. https://vintageaviationecho.com/flying-the-sea-vixen/ Great article on flying the Sea Vixen if anyone is interested. Also, I highly recommend all of VAE's articles, the writing and photos are fantastic in all of them that I have read.
  7. I agree that it would take a special breed to want to occupy the coal hole, both in game and in real life. But since we already have AI RIO tech in one A/C, this might be a good platform for Mag 3 to build a RIO that they can port to the F-4 later; perhaps with less pressure for perfection from purchasers... Also, at least the Brits were nice enough to put a window in the side! But I bet that position smelled like air sickness.
  8. Sure. It served in the Aden Emergency in Tanganika and Yemen from 1963-1967. It was an all weather, carrier based interceptor crewed by a pilot and RIO; a contemporary to such aircraft as the F-4 Phantom as well as the F-8 Crusader, and a contemporary adversary of the MiG-15, 19, and 21 (and 17...); and very briefly the MiG-23. It isn't famous because I would bet most people don't know what it is, though Red Bull showed and flew one for many years (though it appears it was damaged in 2017 and has not been returned to flight as of yet). It would provide another great carrier based interceptor t
  9. Any chance you all can do the Sea Vixen after the F-8? Its a beautiful aircraft that hasn't been modeled in really any game that I am aware of, but there are flying or at least running examples of the type. Plus it is beautiful. With what you all did with the MiG-21 and I am sure will do with the F-8, I think you all would be a great company to take it on.
  10. Overstratos: Any news on potential MiG-19S?
  11. Its also criminally unrealistic to not see an enemy until you nearly collide with them. On some of the training servers, I know what type of A/C I'm looking for, where they are, and what altitude they're at and I still can't see them until I'm within a few hundred yards...
  12. Don't expect it to get any better or any new features to be added.
  13. You people are relentless. If you want better, go make better. Or go buy your own damn Harrier. Razbam has been working their tails off lately for you. Smh.
  14. Any word on if the D9 is getting an upgraded model and cockpit? I like the Fw190 series, and while I feel like the A-8 has been done to a pretty half baked level, I would still be interested in the D9 simply because there is no other fully clickable Fw190 on the market. But the model looks extremely dated inside and out.
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