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  1. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?scr=product&ProductId=8&end_pos=135&lang=en and now the patch is live.
  2. Yes it seems to be random. I'm still having issues resizing the cdu. The cdu also gives me incorrect x,y positions. Cj
  3. EMC has decided to save files incorrectly. Fresh install. Missing top half of the file. { x = 2902; y = 118; width = 384; height = 384; } { x = 0; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1200; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1.6; } } RIGHT_MFCD = { x = 2162; y = 89; width = 370; height = 370; } CDU = { x = 2187; y = 592; width = 285; height = 285; } UIMainView = Viewports.Center Back to manual edits. Cj
  4. Are you running fullscreen? I haven't been able to run dual monitors in fullscreen since 1106. Try windowed mode. Cj
  5. No change with the cdu. Only have to move the window now and it defaults to 402*521 Cj
  6. Hawgtouch conflict Thanks for the update mate. I see the size top left adjusting when window is resized now. Still seems to be a problem, and it may be a conflict with hawgtouch. If i load up EMC by itself, the cdu adjusts and saves correctly. As soon as i load up hawgtouch (so i can line up the cdu with its input) and move around the cdu input for EMC the coordinates(size) show as 402*521 no matter what size i adjust it to. Now if i save the profile with hawgtouch open , its saves as that size (402*521) everytime and loads as that size. The EMC cdu input image can be anywhere o
  7. Thanks for the hard work with this Mod Icemaker. I'm getting a sizing issue with the cdu. Size it to suite and save. But when it loads its like over double the size. Also noticed the coordinates on the cdu are not working correcting. Cheers, Cj
  8. Thank you Sir! For some reason i was thinking it was exporting the graphical data like exporting the CDU data, re http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=70716 Hopefully a list of the different variables and functions will be available soon (And when to use them). Nice A10 skin btw. Cj
  9. Could someone please steer me in the right direction for creating a Caution Warning Panel. More so using the DATA EXPORT EVENTS within the xml. Cheers, Cj
  10. No i'v had it since beta release. Its running in window mode. It hasn't been able to run in fullscreen mode across 2 monitors since latest patch. 2 1920*1200 monitors. Setting of 3840*1200 aspect 16:10 in options. Cheers, Cj
  11. Hi, Maybe i'm missing something also. Not sure if its working as intended and cannot be changed or its my setup. I run 2 monitors with only the mfcd's currently exported to the 2nd monitor. When i click on the buttons on the mfcd's, which i have the key set up in game, it sends the sim to the background. This causes the game to become unresponsive until i click somewhere on the sim. So it takes 2 mouse clicks to activate something in the sim after using HT. Awsome work on this App BTW. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. Cj
  12. The ATC for this mission is still giving me a negative for permission to taxi to runway. I'm running (patched) It looks to be mainly due to the predator across from me. It powers up, begins to move, and then stops at the taxiway junction where our 2 hangers meet. The predator's spawn is delayed, but not long enough. Pre i wasn't even able to contact ATC until Ramp start was complete. With i am able to contact for permission to taxi earlier in the ramp start and sometimes get the ok. But its a race with the predator. The time spawn time seems a little on the r
  13. This was posted on youtube about a week ago and then removed shortly after. No i idea why.
  14. Is there a command line or setting in a config file to display the snapview variables in real time? Cj
  15. Gday StrongHarm, Maybe switch one out for the mic switch ? Though that may not feel right. My current hat setups are. POV1 DMS POV1P Trim POV2 TMS POV2P CMS HAT3 (throttle) China Hat HAT3P Coolie Switch Currently have the boat switch on the function / stop / start buttons. I'm liking your china hat setup , as it wastes a complete hat using 2 of the 4 directions. CJ
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