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  1. For me even some lower quality pilot models like FC3 Su-27 are lot better than empty cockpit. Especially in VR.
  2. It wasn't for you being salty, it was for the folks suggesting modern aircraft are not easier than older ones. Both are nice bu in a different way. To learn how to fight with modern aircraft yoy need a few days. To learn how to fight with WW2 or cold war jet, months.
  3. Why to be salty? It's obvious modern aircrafts are a lot easier to fly and use weapon. It's an opinion of every real life pilot. Flight computer will not allow you to make any seriuous mistake and kill yourself, pilots say "you don't fly, you vote on maneuver using the stick" , long range air and ground weapon is super easy to use and guide itself automatically to the target in the air or on the ground. WW2 fighters were very hard to fly or fight, every air combat was close maneuver dogfight, every shoot was low powered machine gun aimed manually using whole plane without any aim assistan
  4. The '80s just are much more suitable for a flight simulator where you maneuver, do things, use pilot skills, maneuvering, dogfighting, aiming, avoiding fire, navigating and so on. The technological revolution after the fall of the Soviets made computers do almost everything for pilots, what remains is to admire the views when electronics and automation do almost everything, instead of the pilot. It maybe fun for the first few missions when you are momorizing which buttons to press in specific order, to destroy an enemy from a great distance without ever seeing him, but after a few
  5. Yes, yes, yes my favourite fighter of all times. But some earlier variant which actually made 104-0 record making his hands dirty, F-15A or C from Israeli-Arab wars or Operation Desert Storm when Eagle ruled the skies! For sure not another 2005-2010 spAMRAAM when proud Eagle became only a cheap outdated brother of the F-22...
  6. Fantastic map and lot of possible scenarios. Edit: This Soviet MiGs and Sukhois from the video posted up look fantastic, Soviet empire + Warsaw Pact was force to be reckoned with in '80s.
  7. Full fidelity Su-25A, flying along Mi-24P in Afganistan war or NATO vs Soviets in Europe. Rolling in with guns, rockets and bombs in AAA fire!
  8. Navy J multirole with powerfull doppler look-down radar to make it interestiong for the RIO and to operate from the aircraft carrier. And silver paint air superiority F-4E for Vietnam or cold war gun kill.
  9. I would love to see F-16A or F/A-18A from '80s in lightweight versions and manual close range weapon. Or any other fighters or strike aircrafts from this era, dumb bombs and rockets, winders, guns and dogfights (instead of spaming AMRAAMs or JSOW without effort) is my type of fun!
  10. Map looks really good. Very different from what we have.
  11. I would prefer such map over practically any map we have in DCS. Rumble with Soviets and Warsaw Pact over Fulda Gap. Or maybe i would fight for the Soviets in Mi-24P, MiG-23MLA and MiG-29A!
  12. '80s F/A-18 would be even more fun than 2005 since it would require lot more skill to be successfull. Without computer controlled long range automatic guided weapon you would be going a lot closer to the enemy both in the air and on the ground for the kill. Antother thing is Hornet's maneuverability would be a lot more important and actually usefull in '80s scenario without AMRAAM, JHMCS and JSOW.
  13. And Mirage-2000C, Viggen, Huey, Gazelle
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