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  1. Hi and Welcome to 600

    We Have a Discord Channel where we Chat in english,  please tell us a bit more about yourself,  ie: age, skill level, prefered modules  and if you want we will send an invite to that discord channel


    Group info:

    Started by me as my Father was in 600 sqn during WW2  (btw  I am 65 years old)

    we have around 20-30 members with 6-8 active at the moment on a saturday

    we have 6 servers and 2-4 mission writers

    we have members from uk, us, norway, israel, australia etc

    we fly for fun and rely on friends working together in missions which are jump in and fly whatever available (some missions are module limited)

    Please reply to MuleDealer as he is available more than me

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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