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  1. I know you are creating the German typhoon first but will the other typhoons like The RAF’s be included in the same price Thanks
  2. I have tried to reinstall dcs and won’t even let me do that I also tried to repair and put DCS on the whitelist
  3. Never mind the files have reappeared but I'm still getting the missing files privileges message
  4. Help please WorldGeneral.dll Hello all I wonder if you can help When I tried to update DCS to the latest version I get the error message D:/Steamlibary2/steamapps/downloading/223750/bin/WorldGeneral.dll (missing file privileges) And now all my files have disappeared in that folder Thank you
  5. track as requested chaff flare issue.trk
  6. Hello all When I set a custom CMDS program as per Wags video I press Countermeasures switch FWD it activities once but not when I try again I must add I’m only setting 5 flares at a time or trying to Kind regards
  7. Hello all I see in some dcs f16 airshows people release all their flares at one without using the emergency jettison how do you do so thanks PS i have binded all the controls for the CMDS
  8. Am I right in saying we will get the a and b version of the JSOW even though the B version was cancelled IRL
  9. Thanks all I did not know you had to assign a waypoint now it all works
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