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  1. Hey guys, does a mod exist for DCS where I can pick up objects via slingloading from the water? I'd like to create a naval SAR mission to pick up stranded sailors from a sinking boat out to sea, but as far as I can tell the only objects I can sling load are placeable on the ground only. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  2. Thanks for the quick response :) I didn't buy it on Steam, but the ED store - I've been telling my friends to buy it though :D
  3. Agreed, a tab at the top of the server browser for "my favourites" would be nice
  4. Hey, thanks for the campaign - really enjoying it so far :D except one problem.. I failed mission 2 due to taking off too quickly/landing a little rough. As I went back to the menu to give it another try, the game tells me the campaign is failed, and I have to restart the entire campaign from the beginning. Is there a way to restart the mission again without losing all of the campaigns progress? These missions appear to be seperate "stories" so I don't think it's logical (or fair) to have to restart everything over for failing one mission. Or am I pressing something wrong making me start f
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