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  1. @Hiromachi Hi, it seems this bug has been semi-fixed - it is now possible to run out of fuel with SEM turned off, however it is now possible to have infinite fuel with SEM turned on
  2. One guess would be you are rearming/refuelling whilst aligning, or the wake turbulence of a plane taking off near you may be making the plane rock slightly
  3. Great, thanks I did, they added that part after my question to clarify
  4. " NEW: Added 15 Mariana Islands Quickstart missions." Does that mean that map is out today?
  5. I am able to place helipads in the sea from the mission editor, and spawn on them. Is this intended? I have a clean 2.7 install with only some 3rd party skins installed for mods.
  6. I can't tell if you actually need help with formation flying, or are just messing around at this point lol
  7. I don't think such a mode is a good idea in a simulator, but there are plenty of people here that would happily teach you formation flying skills - it's not as hard as it first seems once you get some points remembered. I try and "think" the stick around. Making large control movements never makes the situation better no matter how tempting it might be and this is where a lot of beginners struggle, making too big of control movements. Another tip is to keep a reference on your cockpit relative to a reference point on the plane you are following and try and keep it there. Small movements, relax your shoulders and grip and you'll get it. Learn it the way everyone else did, it's far more rewarding than pressing some "easy mode" button and it will be far more enjoyable to do
  8. The helicopter bases on the Syria map have the cutest little runways
  9. On P47D_Fuz_Front - the layer "green" for the anti glare paint on the top of the fuselage is on it's own layer. However, on the rear section (P47D_Fuz_Rear), that same paint is on the layer "350th FS - LH" which also has other paint around it. This is fine if leaving that green paint as it is, but if you want to change that colour by selecting it, or remove parts/all of it for some reason, it makes doing so tricky as it has a soft edge. It can sometimes make adjusting roughmet files tricky too if you want to remove all or part of it So, just as a small tweak to the template - could we have a separate "green" layer on the rear fuselage template to match the front? Thanks for your consideration
  10. Not for me, I just want a headset I can put on and play without having to deal with all the social media bloat, or being forced to have a facebook account to use it
  11. Congratulations winners, enjoy your mosquitos
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