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  1. Just wanted to give my kudos to you again for yet another great campaign. I have to admit that I was a little concerned in the beginning of the campaign when it was a little "slow" but you really came through in the end. I also understand you were limited a bit by keeping true to the novel. Top notch voice acting as always. I even learned a couple things about the plane through it as well. I had always been spoiled by the BRA reports from control and I had to work on my bullseye which I enjoyed. Keep up the good work! Take a look at Dan Hamptoms Viper Pilot, might be a good book to b
  2. I think it is a great idea to keep it in there. It definitely makes it more accessible. Being able to refuel also adds a touch of authenticity, especially for something with as short of legs as the Hornet. I think the one time where I decided not to refuel I made it back to the Stennis with a 100-200 lbs of fuel left!
  3. Hi Glyn, I didn't make use of the easy AAR. I have been using VR for a while now and find AAR in the hornet(or any jet with the receptacle in front) to be very easy
  4. Just wanted to pass along my compliments on your Campaign. I didn't download the Serpent's Head 1 but just finished 2. I found it quite enjoyable and liked the weapon variety that was used. The way the F-18 handles laser guided bombs really makes you appreciate the Hog all the more. I liked the flow of things. Kneeboards would be nice though the way you step things through really minimizes the need for them (VR user here). In the documents, I particularly liked how it gave an estimate on time for each mission and listed the skills necessary to complete. As a relatively new pilot to th
  5. Great, I started the Blue Nose one again but I guess I didn't pay that much attention to what the bombers were doing. I was too busy chasing fighters :-)
  6. Great idea to "neuter" some of the bombers do to their flawless markmanship. Any chance that will get added to your other campaigns that use bomber formations?
  7. I fired it up this morning and just tried a couple of the free flight instant action missions with the F-14. I was pretty much staying locked at 45 running 9900K, 2080ti with a Vivepro at 1.5PD I only spent about 20 minutes so I didin't go many places but in general I like the map
  8. I think you could get away with a little artistic license in that :thumbup: Especially for a module that hasn't appeared yet and who knows when it would be in a condition to be usable in a polished campaign like yours. Of course you may have more of an inside line on the A's development effort. Just a fan of your work and would like to see it out there. Another project you might consider would be one based on "Viper Pilot" by Dan Hampton
  9. I just used the Jester menu to put flare control to the pilot (CM/Flare Mode/Pilot) Then selected a chaff program (CM/Chaff Program/Program Choice) made preferred method Chaff program (CM/Chaff Mode/CHaff Program) and then checked in (CM/Checkin/Auto C, Man F) I am not certain if Jester is punching out the chaffs or the RWR is controlling it but it is a good start
  10. Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks anyways :-)
  11. HI, I seem to be a little confused. I am trying to get Jester to handle the chaff and I will handle the Flares. I go to Jester/CM/fence in and set Chaff to auto but Jester. I then set flares to pilot control. After this Jester doesn't seem to do anything. Is there something I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated. Kind Regards, Brett
  12. Just wanted to stop by and say I just finished up your campaign collection. Each one was a joy to participate in. I liked how they were just immersive enough, and really allowed you the freedom to engage as needed without the need to cross off every checkbox. The massive furballs were a blast. Attacking bomber formations in the in the BF-109 is pure terror (I usually chickened out and took on the escorts). Keep up the good work!
  13. Just received them today and so far very pleased!
  14. Thanks Griffon! I watched froogles video. I believe he was off a bit when he said that they were 20" tall. Had to double check with the TM website drawings and cofirm. Otherwise they were not going to fit in the space I have for them. Looks to be about 14" tall....355mm
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