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  1. Thank you for all of this work! Your tutorials are like a bible for me! Just a quick question, will there be multilingual translation planned in the near future? I know it would be monstrous work in addition to making such high quality tutorials but I think sometimes, for more complex things, it can be useful.
  2. They're always close... I am not even surprised. I still remember when they said that "the development of the F-16 was not going to slow down that of the F-18 and vice versa". In the meantime, there have been several updates where we have almost no content... I can't wait to see the excuse this time ;)
  3. F15-E.... EA this year? Reeeealy? Niiiiiiiiiceeeeeee!
  4. Hi! I understand your position regarding sales. Even though the idea of ​​ED is great for us consumers, I think for you, the developer, it's much more complicated to manage. However, I would have really liked to see Heatblur participate in the possibility of testing your modules for a month. The previous trial period only lasted two days and you know like us that it is too little and left more than one perplexed if I can say unfortunately. You are an excellent developer in addition to being very attentive to us, to respond to all our messages, your modules are really perfect! offer th
  5. The Z-19E is an export version, so it can be easier to access the development of a module, a bit like the JF-17, well I hope because it is a very good helicopter :D
  6. I can not add the JF-17 bought on steam to the Standalone version. I click on "Get License" but nothing happens. Did you succeed?
  7. Guys! I really had a bad day today! I need some good news about the JF-17! :D
  8. According to my small calculations, we must add to the price of HOTAS, € 239 delivery fee + customs tax for France ..... I am sad! :(
  9. Do we have a chance to see Kiowa arrive this year? :D
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