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  1. I have my PayPal account ready for the Mossie. Standing by...
  2. I have pre-ordered mine just now. I know it is developed for DCS, which is great but would love to be able to use it in IL-2 as well, even in a limited way as that doesn’t have clickable cockpits.
  3. Excellent news! I have been hoping the A6-E might come along.
  4. I’ve had a Valve Index for several months now and love it. It is so well designed and the side field of view is not to be underrated, nor is the soundscape generated by the off-ear speakers. I find I am able to spot and identify other aircraft in multiplayer and solo without any more difficulty than I had with head tracking. I have no experience with the Reverb so can’t comment on that.
  5. You brought both, good decision and problem solved. I prefer the F/A 18 mainly because the RAAF have it.
  6. A very helpful review Jabbers, thank you.
  7. Well, several weeks later and I’m still delighted with my Valve Index.
  8. That is a generous offer DucS2r. I used TrackIR for years. It is better than just a monitor but in my opinion is far too expensive for what it is. There are equally good and less expensive alternatives now, such as Trackhat for instance and I would recommend checking those out. Having said that I’ve just received my Valve Index and have to say for immersion VR wins hands down for me. I’ve used a PSVR for Dirt Rally and other VR titles for a while now so VR is not all new to me. I know not everyone agrees and it is a personal choice. If your PC can handle it and you can afford it then I thin
  9. Thank you for the tip imacken. I will set it to 90Hz today. Thanks Wicked.
  10. I received my Valve Index (and one base station, no hand controllers) today. I set it up in SteamVR. It asked me if I wanted to use 120Hz. I clicked on yes and loaded up DCS. I set a few VR settings and restarted DCS. I soon found myself in a Hornet. My reaction: OMG this is amazing! Clearly heaps of playing around to understand it all but I was able to take off, fly over the Hoover Dam and land. It seems so much easier than using a monitor as I was in the cockpit and could look around normally. I’m delighted. It’s easy to set up, comfortable, I can wear glasses with little trouble. It’s nice
  11. This seems like a bit of a downgrade from the V3. While I was quite frustrated by the lack of documentation I am glad I have the V3 especially if it is being discontinued and replaced by this version. The V3 fitted to my desk with the Monstertech assembly feels just right. I would not want to go back to a throttle on the desk surface.
  12. I arrived back from a business trip to find my VKB MK IVs waiting for me. I like the premium packaging, simple instructions and look of the product itself. They were set up very quickly by following the clear instructions and plugging them into my VKB Gladiator stick. My first tryout in DCS put a big smile on my face. I now wish I had got them much earlier. Having only tried some plastic rudder pedals years ago I had been put off the idea until now. I also expected I would need time to adjust from having used a twist stick for years but it is natural and intuitive. The VKB MK IVs are a quality
  13. Hi Browny I am indeed a fan of the RAAF F-111s. That experience must have been something mate.
  14. Hi, I use the VKB Gladiator Mk II joystick and really like it. It's well suited to the warbirds from the WWII era, being fashioned after the Luftwaffe KG12 stick, yet has enough on it to do the very basics for the modern era, at least for me. I am adding a throttle and pedals for that bit extra and want to be able to keep using the Gladiator as I like it so much. For the last few months its all I have had to use, coming from the Thrustmaster T16000m. For the asking price it is good value in my opinion. It all depends on your budget and what you want to achieve.
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