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  1. So I just gave 471.41 a try within the last hour and had some peculiar issues post installation. I took a full C:\ backup, did a full DDU / Safe Mode uninstall of my current 465.89 drivers, rebooted Windows and installed the non-DCH version (ala Standard) 471.41 drivers. Seems like those drivers don’t like something in my system likely the HP Reverb G2... if I had to describe the symptoms WMR seems to start & restart over and over manifesting itself like the system hangs... comes to life, hangs, comes to life... black screen flashes, etc etc. really weird. I admittedly didn’t try all that hard to get them to work - tried a couple of reboots to ensure the drivers installed correctly and pulled up nVidia Control Panel and my system was acting all wonky. Very happy I took a full backup beforehand and just restored, I’ll stick with 465.89 for now as I really don’t want to spend all weekend fiddling with nVidia drivers... not saying you’ll have the same issues but if things are running well for you at least take a backup beforehand
  2. So I've been dabbling in DCS Liberation, specifically establishing a dedicated server (on the same machine) to host the Liberation mission while I join from DCS client. (As I've read that hosting a dedicated server with appropriate DCS CPU affinity settings can net out some additional performance given how busy those missions can be...). Anyhow - when joining these "hosted" missions (I'm the only client/participant mind you) I'm finding that Vaicom pro (I have the paid-for PRO version with Realistic ATC comms, and Kneeboard plug-in etc.) isn't working. I'm able to use VA for non-DCS integrated stuff (I've got commands for full screen toggles, etc.) and I see that VA is recognizing my speech/commands however none of the DCS comms/integration is working. ATC commands, wingman commands, ground crew commands, etc. and also the new VCP Kneeboard aren't registering/working. The kicker is running the same exact missions locally (I have a few missions I've tried, one Liberation... others non-liberation related) - i.e. NOT hosted on a dedicated server - all the same attempts to work perfectly fine in VA/VCP so it appears to be something related to joining/running on a pseudo-multiplayer server. Now I HAVE confirmed I have the "Use with Multiplayer" option selected (see preference screenshots). Is there something I'm missing? or anything I need to do on the server? or in my DCS configuration or VCP preferences so enable this? Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. edit: confirmed - removed the DCS World entry and I no longer get the orphaned folders upon VA launch... thanks for the info again guys... Awesome Got it - thank you so much for digging up the details... will dig through the registry and sort out this evening... much appreciated guys
  4. Trying to clean up a trivial but somewhat irritating item on my gaming (aka DCS) computer. I'm currently running ONLY DCS.OpenBeta but whenever I launch VoiceAttack w/ VCP it automatically creates a Saved Games/DCS (stable) folder (with Mods & Scripts sub-folders) under Saved Games and a root directly "DCS World" folder (also with Mods & Scripts sub-folders). At one point I did have both Stable and OpenBeta installed on this machine but ultimately uninstalled Stable... the problem appears to be that VCP still thinks I have Stable installed so every time I launch VoiceAttack it goes ahead and creates these unused/orphaned "stable" folders. It's not hurting anything per se but does vex my OCD tendencies. Anyone know if there's a registry setting or some configuration file I can edit somewhere where I can tell VCP that I only have OpenBeta installed but not the Stable version? I've been through the LCTL+LALT+C configuration GUI but can't seem to find anything that would sort this out... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. easy overlooked button you need to click to see the “unknown” profiles, did you click that button? Click "Show unknown settings from NVIDIA Predefined Profiles" - second button from right on the toolstrip. Note the 3 entries which list 17 profiles. On the first 2, click on them and amend 0x00000000 to 0x00000001 On the 3rd, click on its dropdown and select the only item. You should now see this..
  6. I subsequently figured out why I was getting the “Selected Unit is not a SuperCarrier” message. This weeks DCS update must have reset ‘Easy Communications” to ON which royally screws up how VCP works when your not expecting it. Turning off easy Comms fixed my issue. Great way to spend hours...
  7. Ok last update... I'm convinced something wonky is going on with DCS and/or the default set of missions in DCS or ship units associated within a Supercarrier group. Pulling up the ATC "menu" it appears that all of the ships units associated with the SuperCarrier in the default F/A-18 Supercarrier Case 1 (standard) missions all apparently show up as ATC options for channel 127.5 (see screenshot). As these missions were my "test" missions this is why I'm getting the "Selected recipient is not a supercarrier". Great way to spend hours and hours the past 2 days...... Creating a custom mission with only a lone supercarrier (and no affiliated units) VA/VCP command messages work fine. Good lord...
  8. Ok update - a clean out of the C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOMPRO folder cleared up the mess of all the never seen before "building" & "reset" messages noted above upon starting VA. Those folders get recreated by the .dll when you run VA with VAICOMPRO.dll in the proper place so that cleared up the mess I noted above. I've also renamed and moved the C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\export.lua file (which also gets recreated) so good there... I've then done a complete Repair of DCS (including scan and removal of all added files) and I'm still getting "Selected recipient is not a Supercarrier unit" in both standard F/A-18 SUPERCARRIER-HORNET-CASE I RECOVERY missions (both Caucasus and Persian Gulf). What's interesting is that upon entering the mission, VoiceAttack is noting that the "Nearest ATC: DDG Arleigh Burke IIa" (see screenshot) - that doesn't seem right at all. I have to think this has something to do with the recent update to AM I really the only person seeing this? @Hollywood_315 What am I doing wrong here? I've literally had zero issues with VA/VCP for 2 years and this is the first time I've seen anything like this. (Minor rant: between the week+ of near constant DCS and OS re-tweaking & testing in an effort to reclaim lost performance in VR and now this 2.7 has been a complete nightmare.. zero fun so far)
  9. Anyone have any recommendations on how to reset VA/VCP and DCS? Upon starting up VA for some reason this week (after the recent DCS update) I see all sorts of messages that were never there before (see screenshot) so me thinks something got corrupted somewhere with this new update this week. The end result of which none of the ATC commands are working with the Supercarrier (I get message "Selected Unit is not a Supercarrier") Will a complete uninstall & reinstall of VA clean this up? (noting I have to backup and reapply the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\VoiceAttack\VoiceAttack.dat file). One of the ancillary issues is that VA still thinks I have a Stable install of DCS on my system, when in fact I don't anymore. I'd like to clean this up and sort out the issue. Any recommendations?
  10. So I fixed it but potentially unhelpful update here as it’s not clear exactly what did the trick. I uninstalled and reinstalled WMR. (No immediate fix) I DDU’d & reinstalled nVidia driver 465.89 (No immediate fix) i DDU’d and installed nVidia driver 457.30 (no immediate fix) as a last resort I went into updates and applied all outstanding updates there were only 4-5 if I recall. The odd thing is it looked like the recently publicized KB5001330 update which I uninstalled earlier this week re-applied (and took forever to do so) and once completed the pre-allocated setting once again seemed to suppress the extra monitors. Note I’m on Win10 Pro 20H2 service pack. Doesn’t make a ton of sense but I guess I was successful... good luck
  11. Interesting I'm seeing this behavior as well. Registry entry is in there unchanged and toggling back & forth and/or deleting and re-creating doesn't seem to make a difference... those extra monitors keep reappearing. I guess I'll give the WMR uninstall/reinstall a try <eek>
  12. Huh interesting thanks - never seen this issue before and VCP/VA appears to working fine otherwise... restart/reinstall/repair might be the ticket I suppose
  13. Instead of starting a new thread I figured I’d resurrect this one. Updated DCS 2.7 to the new OB patch that came out today and now I’m getting the “Selected Recipient is not a Supercarrier” message in VA and none of the VCP carrier comms are transmitting to the supercarrier. Did something break VCP with today’s update? I’ve tried various pre-built and custom SC missions and just about all of the commands (‘marking moms”, ‘hornet ball”, “commencing”, etc)... using the onscreen menus work so they’re definitely SC’s Im licensed for the Realistic ATC Comms plugin and it was working fine yesterday pre-update... anyone else having issues using VCP and SC today?
  14. You nailed it @Maksim Savelev... thank you for the info, that was definitely the issue! Switched it back to Best Visual Quality and the issue is resolved... hope this thread helps others in the future... and thanks again!
  15. Interesting - I did recently make the change to “Optimized for Performance” in the WMR (based on a YouTube recommendation I saw this weekend), that sounds like a very feasible cause. I will DEFINITELY try that once my 2nd attempt at a 240GB download and re-install completes.
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