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  1. Do you have the Eurocopter tiger mod? If so remove it.
  2. Sorry for the huge writing (I am using a translator). Sorry to Bignewy and Nineline, but I'm going to be rude. A third who take care of the ground units, I say yes 300%. Improved infantry, vehicles, JTAC, labor there is. But read that some want COD or Battlefield in DCS then no, no and no. I like dcs and ED for their combat simulations the difficulty and the desire to learn a module difficult to learn and master. COD and Battlefield are stupid and completely stupid. I don't want that in this simulator. If it's to see beasts running and jumping around without thinking, no. I am a former sol
  3. Sorry. It's the automatic translator who does this. I'm French. I can't change the handwriting from the phone. Yet there I write from my computer, it works well. This has been the case since the arrival of the new forum.
  4. Français Anglais Red dead does what? 20km by 20km. How much does the Syria map make? You compare a game already finished in terms of presence to a simulator that has been present for 10 years. You compare a company that generates billions to a company that takes care of its users. I have ma
  5. People come to offer you ground units, infantry, vehicles, animated airport personnel ... I think Battlefield Productions should get in direct contact with ED and chat and talk about what they could do. We are requesting updates for some too old AI models. But I fully understand that ED has a lot, a lot of work, and doesn't have enough staff to take care of it. People come to see us saying, if you want, have the vehicles taken care of, ground staff .... Where is the problem? It's up to ED to decide that, but I say yes. Regarding paid assets, all work deserves a salary. I don't get up in the m
  6. If it's done well and of good quality, why not. The infantry units are sad, we still do not have Daesh personnel in play, yet in great demand. Staff with animated floors, as well as buildings or various objects to be placed would be a plus. This could leave the field open to ED to only take care of the aerial and engine parts of the game. To see, but it is not for us to decide.
  7. voted for modern warfare but it's true that the cold war would be smarter given the DCS modules. And you Dimitriov, which year interests you the most?
  8. Worg


    I wish everyone a happy New Year's Eve. The ED team, the developers, all the people behind the scenes who work hard to make our sim even better. Thank you to Bignewy and Nineline who are there to inform us and also support us sometimes ... Happy Holidays to all the members of the forum, whatever our country or our life, we meet here to share the same passion. After a difficult year 2020 for many, let's move on to 2021 with the long-awaited arrival of its already extraordinary clouds in the last trailer. Small text from a Frenchman watching the snow fall today. Happy New Year everyone.
  9. I want to thank the authors of this exceptional mod. Your work deserves to be integrated into games directly. I hope Eagle Dynamics will monitor this mod more ready. Thank you again
  10. Thanks to you guys for the new version of the Rafale. Download but not yet had the time to test it, I'll stop by to say a thank you and wish you a happy New Year.
  11. No problem. Help each other. :Pouce en l'air: Have a good flight everyone. Bignewy and Nineline, nothing to do with ED for this problem. Good luck to the developers to correct the real bugs. :)
  12. Soucis depuis la dernière OB de ED. Avec le mod Rafale, certains véhicules disparaissent. Le T55, BTR80... Une fois le mod supprimé, les véhicules réapparaissent.
  13. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4500556#post4500556
  14. After testing, for me it is the Rafale of the Cuesta brothers that I have a problem with. Once deleted, vehicles will respawn. I didn't install the latest version of the mod. I will do new tests tonight.
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