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  1. My guess is they are: Busting a** finishing/fixing before it goes to Bell or whatever company, for approval It's in the approval stage and it being evaluated. Busting a** finishing/fixing stuff that Bell or whatever company told them needed attention. They all moved to a island somewhree and can't be bothered.
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    RTX 3090

    Only way I've found to get one in 20 or so days is to buy a whole new rig from a high end shop. Seems they get an allotment. Yes I looked at getting the cheapest rig with a 3090 and then transferring it to my current rig (3090 was a $1500 upgrade). It was cheaper than ebay for sure but methinks I'll wait lmao
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  4. Showing a bit of my age here
  5. Ok, so there is no point in engaging them then....they would disappear even when I was doing a run on them and I was wondering where the hell did he go? A BTR isn't that fast to clear a 200yard field in 5 sec. I understand the performance hit due to unit, typical to this sim.
  6. Are units that seem to be random spawns (not related to your tasking) supposed to disappear after some time? I've engaged units like this and they just go poof after a bit kinda frustrating
  7. I use an Index, which has a better mic than my headset. The racing sim and one of the space sims I use VR. People on discord say I sound better with index vs my headset. VSPX didn't help. They are being heard incorrectly, after about 15 learning sessions it still cant recognize me saying just the letter "A" or "O" Yep, I setup every option just like in the instructions. I took me about 20 min to get "show log" to work....just don't get it.
  8. Yes, native english....but if it were my voice or settings other VA profiles would also be an issue.
  9. I have a mix, all but one (the other flight sim) have plugins....not sure If I can list them as I've had my hand slapped on these forums for doing similar. Oh, believe me I've slowed my speech down to try to get things to go through, so much so I would imagine if anyone in the house heard me they'd call an ambulance.
  10. I would say I'm average speed on speaking, I can give it a shot. Actually the racing sim profile that I have has quite a bit of functions like that, such as changing the tire pressure in a specific tire to a specific pressure, or in one phrase tell the pit crew to do certain things but not others. The other one I use for another flight sim has almost the same complexity in phrase composition as Viacom, in fact some instances more. But I will give VSPX a go and see what happens, thanks for the tip
  11. Ok, thanks for the info. I've done the speech training many, many times as I do some dictation for work. But if it's using the same speech recognition, I'm at a loss as to why I don't have any issues whatsoever with other profiles I use. One for another flight sim and paid ones for a well known online racing sim and two space sims and a such painful experience with recognition with Vaicom? When it does work, it does work very well. I don't want to seem like I'm bashing Vaicom into the ground, just trying to figure it out the difference
  12. I purchased Vaicom quite some time ago and I had issues and gave up with it not recognizing pretty much everything I said, but I'm trying it again. So I went through the training with MS speech trainer, that didn't help much. Then I went through most of the phrases in Vaicom training and it took me HOURS (without the airfields, because they scare me to even try), sometimes it would take over 20 or so tries to get even the most simple phrases to work. Kneeboard and request hover took almost 15min of trying each before they took. I have a slightly southern US accent and most people can't ev
  13. It seems as though it has. He has v2 now which is what is in the video above looks like. The email I received after going on the list says: "We are currently starting production for PointCTRL Version 2, and our goal is to have all preorders shipped within 60 days."
  14. I get ya, I've got 2 Thrustmaster MFDs that I use for well, MFDs in the aircraft that has them. It's easy enough to feel the buttons. With aircraft without MFDs I sometimes use them for other switches, but it just doesn't feel right. I went ahead and signed up on the list for PointCTLR...email said hopefully shipping within 60days...we will see, I have a swivel chair so I can just swivel around if I need to and not have to strain to hold onto the mouse for the clicking. Looks like it may have uses outside of DCS since it emulates a mouse.
  15. Does anyone else notice this? In general I get lower VR performance in the Gazelle than the Huey, I guess there is some optimization room there, but turning my head past this leather strap is really noticeable on the micro stutters. And in the L this is really annoying because you are in general sliding your head to the right side so you can see past the sight.
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